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Billion Landscape Lighting Market Force LED Lighting Take-off

Aug 30, 2017

In recent years, the implementation of the state-related policies, urban landscape lighting project began to gradually put on the agenda, even has become a lot of urban planners in the eyes of the standard. Landscape lighting can form a city unique characteristics and style, the government is also more concerned about the development of urban landscape lighting, and continue to introduce landscape lighting project renovation projects for LED lighting enterprises to bring more opportunities.

Because of its dual advantages of cultural and artistic experience and functional illumination, landscape lighting has gradually become the trend of urban illumination, and LED lighting has become the main force of landscape lighting because of its energy saving and easy intelligent management, and the market space of urban landscape illumination is huge. G20 Hangzhou summit during the city landscape lighting project Total investment of about 1 billion yuan.

According to relevant statistics, the 2016 landscape lighting output will reach 50 billion yuan, the expected 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output value will be expected to break more than 100 billion yuan. The huge market capacity of landscape lighting will be an irresistible temptation for China's led companies. LED lighting industry into the golden stage of development, the enterprise positive attitude, for the LED lighting industry constantly inject new elements and bring more intense competition. Traditional lighting enterprises to actively explore the LED lighting product line to the semiconductor as the main business of the production enterprises also focus on LED light quality improvement, the huge potential of new industries stimulated a large number of rising star, its rapid pace of catch-up to let the first enterprise dare not relax.

Liard: Acquisition of 5 engineering companies, active layout of landscape lighting

In the past few years, LED display industry competition is very intense, through the survival of the fittest, the entire industry in the continuous integration, market concentration is gradually improving. At the same time as the overall growth, industry mergers and acquisitions accelerated, has become a trend. Listed companies through the acquisition, equity, joint ventures, and other ways to obtain more market share, and strive to establish a foothold. Liard successively acquired the Gold Tatsu lighting, Zhongtian lighting, Capri lighting, Vanke ERA and June ze lighting, such as 5 companies, the completion of the national layout, the action is not very small, the entire lighting engineering industry pattern has had a far-reaching impact.

Austrian Billiton electronics: Net profit increased 3 times times, the acquisition of lighting engineering company results

In recent years, LED display industry competition, through the survival of the fittest, the entire industry in the continuous integration of market concentration in the gradual improvement in the industry as a whole to maintain growth, the industry's mergers and acquisitions accelerated. 2016, the Austrian Billiton electronics to carry out a major reorganization of assets to deal with the price of 300 million yuan to acquire the Shenzhen City thousand FAI Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. The acquisition of thousands of FAI, can be for the Austrian Billiton electronics led application products in urban landscape lighting, sports venues, such as the expansion of market areas to provide strong support, so fast into the field of intelligent lighting engineering, is conducive to the expansion of the company LED applications and sports business scale.

Dart Lighting: Winning 1. 4.3 billion Yuan Xiamen nightscape project

Dart Lighting is the main business of landscape lighting project construction and related to the design and maintenance, LED lighting products and sales. January 22, 2017, the winner of the award-winning lighting project in Xiamen City, the key area of the night scene project (Ferry area), and made the "Xiamen key section of the landscape project (ferry area) construction project design and construction contract", the contract price is 1. 4.3 billion yuan.