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More Than 80% People Live Under A Light-polluted Vault.

Aug 30, 2017

According to Agence France-Presse, but activists say the dark hour should also alert people to another very small concern-light pollution. More than 80% of people live under the firmament of artificial lighting, according to the latest statistics from scientists. In the United States and Western Europe, this figure reaches 99% of its total population, most of whom cannot see the Milky Way in the night sky.

Foreign media said that the world's major cities have 11 consecutive years in March in the last Saturday to hold "Earth Hour" activities to require households and business users to turn off unnecessary lights and power consumption products for an hour to arouse people with practical action to combat climate change awareness. 

It turns out that artificial lighting interferes with the reproductive cycle of some animals and migratory movements of migrating birds that depend on the direction of the stars, and also causes stray insects in the night to travel. For humans, excessive night light also disrupts circadian rhythms that control hormonal secretion and other bodily functions. 

Even the fiercest critics of light pollution have not suggested that the city should be in darkness, or that illumination is not a necessary element of urban life. But they argue that society needs to address more and more worrisome issues. 

President of the International Association of Dark Skies, said of the light pollution in Florida, USA 

"Overall, things are getting worse." "Things are heading in the wrong direction," she said, adding that "we're going to have 15 million more people in the next 50 years", which requires additional lighting. 

By contrast, in Chad, Central African Republic and Madagascar, three-fourths of the population can see the sky clearly. In addition, astronomers have indisputably become the most affected by light pollution, and the dazzling city glow will overshadow their telescopes. 

Extended reading: 

Light pollution is a new environmental pollution source after pollution such as waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise, which mainly includes white pollution, artificial daylight pollution and color light pollution. Light pollution is threatening people's health. In daily life, the situation of light pollution is mostly caused by the reflection of the mirror building of pedestrians and drivers dizziness, and night unreasonable light to the human body discomfort. 

The main light pollution in the world is divided into 3 categories, namely white pollution, artificial daylight and color light pollution. 

The main harm is to injure eyesight, induce cancer and produce unfavorable emotion; ecological, light pollution allows animals day and night, leading to industry disorders, light damage will help algae breeding, the production of red tides, pollution and other water quality.