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OLED Technology, Plant Plants

Sep 01, 2017

Waves, the front wave died on the beach. Now the long silence of the color TV industry Anchao raging, is brewing such a death-and-death competition.

The technology of OLED

At present the market LED LCD TV is strong, occupy the mainstream position. Looking back on the process of LCD TV, it is not difficult to see that LCD TV is a market test, widely accepted by consumers a variety of television. LED LCD TVs not only replaced the original CRT TV, but also defeated the almost simultaneous appearance of another kind of flat-screen TV-plasma TV.

Compared with the traditional TV CRT TV, LCD TV has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, clarity, health, small space and so on, thus elevating the user's comprehensive experience to an unprecedented new level. This is the key factor that LCD TV is gradually crowding out the market for other kinds of TV.

But now the nightmare of LCD TV seems to have suddenly come. Recently Skyworth held new product launch, launched a wallpaper TV. According to the new executive director of Skyworth Digital Holding Co., Ltd./CEO, President of Skyworth Group Co., Ltd., president of Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronics Co., Ltd. Liu Yan Branch said: Whether the surface or quantum dots, lcd TV is a day, Skyworth firmly believe that OLED will eventually realize the replacement of liquid crystal. He predicts that technological progress and industrial upgrading will bring new opportunities!

Although as a replacement product, OLED TV is only looming, but now the market is a fast fish to eat slow fish era, if the future OLED can become a color TV industry upgrading products, then the beginning who fell half a pat, in the future may be eliminated-the market to eliminate the response of the slow half beat of the enterprise, Is commonplace in China's economic history.

is LCD TV facing a survival choice?

Perhaps OLED TV instead of LED TV has a very long process--although the two are only a prefix, but its inherent technology is very far apart. The general acceptance of OLED TV by consumers, and the maturity of OLED TV's own industrial chain, have a very long process. Even if OLED can replace LCD TV, at present, no more than 35 years, it is difficult to distinguish between the outcome.

Of course, this way of marketing is also immediate, making Skyworth OLED TV sales soared three times times more than a year, will backwater of the color TV market, stir up the surging, but also other factories business that the heart of the move to scratch.

Perhaps it is too optimistic to judge that OLED will replace the LCD TV with these advantages alone. As a new television variety, to obtain the full acceptance of consumers, flying into the ordinary people may still have a way to go.

Plant plants

Plant plants with high scientific and technological content, high output, is regarded as "modern agriculture" standard, as "organic agriculture a vast new world."

More and more tech giants are starting to plant plants, including Google, and the world is not going to be impossible. The common features of plant plants are: a fixed facility, automatic and semi-automatic control of the temperature, humidity, light intensity, illumination time and CO2 concentration required for plant growth and development using a computer and a variety of sensing devices, and the use of nutrient-liquid cultivation techniques, and the quantity and quality of products are greatly improved.

In addition to large plant plants, in recent years, the fire is suitable for families, restaurants, office and other "micro plant plants." Through the "Micro Plant Factory" to provide organic vegetables, especially by the Western restaurant, café to make vegetables salad welcome.

Because the only way to produce vegetables under their noses to make the quality has a very high demand for business convincing, after all, vegetables the most correct way to eat is-raw, because the vitamin only in the freshest conditions of raw, the highest amount of retained, and the human body intake rate of more than 93%, but if the longer the time to place, Or in the case of stir-fry, most of the vitamin will be destroyed, the unstable protein will also be destroyed in the case of frying, cooked vegetables remaining only some sugar and crude fiber. At the same time, it is in line with people's need for food safety, because another significant advantage of plant plants is that there is no pesticide or pollutant residue.

In areas where soil, water and air pollution are heavily polluted, soil remediation has been invested in a long time, and the value of plant plants is becoming increasingly important.

According to the optimal growth data of plants in natural environment, we can plant the key links of large natural environment through plant simulation, and make correction and adjustment, and on the basis of establishing large data research, we will finally determine the best cultivation link data of specific plant varieties. This data is the company's unique skills and skills. Because artificial simulation can achieve the nature can not stabilize the environment and conditions, can produce higher than the natural quality of vegetables.

The so-called modern agriculture is a continuous trial and error process. Plant plants at present can plant vegetables, fruits, food, medicinal herbs and other plants, varieties with trial and error in the deepening and expansion of the study. In the way of cultivation, the choice of business model is also growing in trial and error.