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IR LED Broad Prospects, The Next 10 Years Will Be Rapid Development

Sep 04, 2017

UV LED is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC bands. UVA's main application market is light curing, there are already quite a few enterprises to cut into, and began to mass production. UVC, also become duv or Deep purple, the current chip technology is not mature, the main potential application areas for disinfection. UVC is still in the initial stage of technology development, it will take a long time to enter the production stage. 

IR led in fact is the LED all band, into the production stage of the earliest, conventional applications are the most mature. The most familiar is the remote control. However, with the development of smart phone, internet technology and artificial intelligence, IR led shows a new and broader prospect. Especially in the intelligent mobile phone, intelligent sensor and other fields, will become an indispensable one of the key devices.

The research institute predicts that in the next 10 years, the IR led will have a large market growth, around the new functional needs of smartphones, applications covering sensors, iris recognition, touch, machine vision, 3D cameras and so on. The market size is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2027. 

Some mobile phones have started to use IR LED remote control function, IR Proximity sensor is already standard mobile phone. 

Compared with the traditional remote control applications, the smartphone-related applications to the IR LED device encapsulation, higher requirements:

(1) smaller size.

This is a necessary demand for the lightweight design of smartphones. Some state-owned enterprises in the background of the IR LED packaging companies, still accustomed to the ordinary home appliance market for the IR LED packaging requirements, to produce larger dimensions of the package form mainly. In the face of emerging application areas, enterprises should be as soon as possible the transformation and upgrading of technology routes in order to get into this new market.

(2) Higher efficiency

Smartphone applications, power consumption is critical. IR LED chip technology has been accumulated and developed for decades, relatively mature. The key to efficiency is the IR LED encapsulation, which realizes the high efficiency of light extraction.

(3) Bold innovation

Smart phone is an iterative development of a very fast industry, any new functional design will become the selling point of product marketing. Any innovative solution that addresses the pain points that users use, design, and manufacture will quickly be accepted and rewarded for business.

For example, the Osram 810nm IR led constantly according to market demand, progressive innovation, reduce the size of the package, integration of two optical lenses into the packaging body, to achieve the oblique light out of the application end design, it is these innovative improvements to ensure the Osram continuous monopoly iris recognition (IRIS) market. 

(3) Highly integrated

This is also the main development direction of device encapsulation (including Optoelectronic package). 2-in-1, 3-in-1, is a ubiquitous device design in smartphones. IR LED packaging enterprises, to fully close to customer and market demand, the function of the relevant devices to fully integrate, to show the innovative value of the industry chain. 

To sum up, IR led for the LED packaging enterprises, is a rare emerging field opportunities. However, the field of smartphones is the hardest hit of patent lawsuits, and enterprises should carry out technological research and innovation as early as possible, and carry out the layout and reserve of intellectual property in advance.

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