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Ed Lighting Giant Philips Lighting To Create A Beautiful Lighting Project

Sep 04, 2017

        Nanjing International Youth Culture Center adopts the largest single intelligent interconnected landscape lighting system in China.

       • American Blue Spectrum lighting Design in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center project scored North American Lighting                 Engineering Association Lighting Award-Excellence Award

        Global lighting leader Philips Lighting announced recently, Philips Lighting and design of the United States green Spectrum Lighting Design (BPI) together to create a Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center to the design of the North American Lighting Engineering Association Lighting Award by the jury, for the United States Blue spectrum lighting design won the North American Lighting Engineering Association Lighting Award (IES Illumination awards) Excellence Award (Award of Excellence). The award is the highest honor for China's regional projects on this list, indicating that China's lighting design and lighting projects have been affirmed and praised by international peers.

         Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center is located in Nanjing Jianye District, including a 68-storey five-star hotel and office towers, a 58-storey conference hotel Tower and a 6-storey conference center, a total of about 300 meters high. As Philips lighting in the domestic realization of the largest single intelligent integrated landscape lighting system, it will be LED lighting technology and intelligent control system, with the "strongest brain" lighting management-the control, network, terminal equipment and the program using intelligent interconnected lighting system fully integrated, to achieve the human, Interconnection between space and equipment, the highest energy efficiency is mentioned. At the same time to highlight the landmark to minimize the scattering light, to avoid the city night light pollution, to achieve harmony with the surrounding landscape, the perfect realization of the lighting design company's requirements.

        The North American Lighting Engineering Association Lighting Award, awarded by the North American Lighting Engineering Association (IESNA), is one of the most authoritative and historic lighting design awards in the world. For the floodlight of the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center, the jury praised the "rigid and flexible external façade illumination model" (a powerful and sensitive application of light on a façade).

         As Philips lighting in the country's first landscape lighting application of the Intelligent Interconnection lighting System Project, the award will promote more led intelligent interconnection lighting solutions in the domestic promotion and application. Help the city to enhance the image, to bring the public beyond the experience of the lighting.