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Micro Led Huge Prospects, 2025 Market Size Will Increase By About 654 Times Times

Sep 06, 2017

In addition to Sony, Apple, Hon Hai and other manufacturers are also planning to get into the micro led market, where Apple plans to use micro led on Sale's own smart watch during 2018-2019, and Hon Hai is the acquisition and development Mrico. LED panel of the United States, the new company, Micro led may be expected to expand at a faster rate, estimated 2018 Micro led market size is expected to expand to 14 million U.S. dollars, will reach twice times the level of 2017 years.

Vector Wild said that the estimated micro LED will be applied to the panel after 2017, after 2020 years or so, the scope of application will be extended to car headlights, intelligent fiber, LI-FI Communications, biological/medical machinery and other uses, but because of manufacturing technology, cost and other topics are still many, So the above-mentioned panels outside the overall market share of the fear of limited.

Vector Wild pointed out, because bullish micro LED will expand application to the panel, estimated 2020 micro led market size is expected to expand to 200,000,002, 4 million U.S. dollars, will be increased by 31 times times the 2017 (3,100), 2025 is expected to further expand to 4,500,000,008, 3 million U.S. dollars Will increase by about 654 times times (65,371%) from 2017.

However, the vector field pointed out that because micro led belongs to relatively new technology, to mass production of micro LED panel required manufacturing technology, equipment research and development is still not perfect, productivity, improve the rate of good and cut the cost of waiting to solve the problem still mountain, technical uncertainties still many, so micro LED can have and LCD, OLED in the panel market on a higher competitiveness is still unknown.

Hon Hai Investment Sharp (Sharp) May 22 announced that in order to speed up micro LED panel research and Development, commercialization of footsteps, will join hands Cybernet Venture capital (Hon Hai Indirect shareholding 100%), group Chong, Rong and other 3 pan-Hong Hai Group in October this year, the acquisition of micro led panel research and Development of the United States new venture company Elux.

According to Sharp, after the completion of the acquisition procedures, Sharp, cybernet, group Chong and Rong Chong Elux's contribution to the proportion of 31.82%, 45.45%, 13.64% and 9.09% respectively.

Investor, Apple news website MacRumors May 1 reported that the Israeli media "Oled-info" quoted insiders sources that Samsung card micro-led technology, proposed to offer 150 million U.S. dollars to buy China's Taiwan Micro LED Factory Neptunium Chong Technology (playnitride).

Apple's iphone Mania April 21 reported that it is developing a new generation of display technology micro LED panels that are seen as an OLED, and are expected to start production at the end of this year through a Chinese Taoyuan plant in Taiwan, according to the business Korea. And will be used for the second generation of Apple Watches. Micro LED panel manufacturing costs will be lower than OLED panels, and have a higher brightness, more power saving.

MONEYDJ News April 6 reported that following the traditional LCD (liquid crystal), OLED, the new generation of display technology micro led to attract Apple, Sony and the global display supply chain attention and input. TrendForce's ledinside new research indicates that manufacturers are working hard to overcome the high manufacturing cost of Micro led, to promote the development of Micro led; If the scale of the 0 components of the existing LCD is fully replaced, including backlight module, LCD, polarizer, etc., Micro LED future potential market size of about 30 billion to 40 billion U.S. dollars.

2017 Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition highlights, leading East China lighting industry

Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition carries the opportunity and the challenge, takes root in this international metropolis, becomes the new attention point. The current urban construction and industrial innovation in depth integration, LED lighting enterprises on a new development path. 

The development of China's lighting industry is undergoing transformation and metamorphosis. In the government's focus on the development of urban lighting projects, the introduction of good policies led to the light engineering channel has become the industry must compete in the market, but also to promote the development of the industry's new air port. 

Opportunities at present, enterprises should seize the new round of urban development trend of change, to get through the project channels, to join the leading East China city construction process. The Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition (Shanghaiinternational lighting Fair), sponsored by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. is in the offing. Exhibition area of 11,500 square meters, more than 200 well-known lighting manufacturers will be from September 5 to 7th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center unveiled, display advanced lighting technology and solutions, gathering industry experts to discuss the lighting engineering hotspots. 

Three key words, outline led industry development new route 

The ultimate goal of urban construction is to build livable, comfortable and safe living environment and realize the sustainable development of cities. In recent years, the construction of urban nightscape lighting requires more and more high, LED lighting enterprises need to explore a new business model to adapt to the changes in the large environment. 

Therefore, China's led enterprises in the strategy should be based on innovation and development, around the intellectualization and integration of the transformation of planning and construction, sustainable development as the starting point and destination point, in order to improve the new market structure. 2017 is an important year for China to implement "Thirteen-Five" planning, and also a key year for the construction of new intelligent city. Lighting industry development LEAPS, Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition has been committed to explore the market potential to create cross-border business opportunities. But in the current led industry construction process, there are three key issues worth pondering: 

Quality-How to improve quality, so as to enhance the value of lighting engineering services in the market; 

Systematization-How to ensure the construction standard of city illumination project through standardizing and managing; 

Specialization-How to develop the perimeter business for lighting projects to create a long-term business environment. 

In recent years, LED light efficiency is fast, has reached a high level, which means that the use of light efficiency as a competitive advantage of the period has passed, the relative led assessment has entered the optical quality assessment period. But in the urban lighting engineering construction, the need to form a systematic linkage with other equipment. Then, specialization also for the first-class business environment to build a new competitive advantage. 

Five major theme exhibits category, three exhibition linkage presents advanced technology achievements 

Exhibition of exhibits, for designers, planners, systems integrators, engineers, building contractors and other project buyers to provide a one-stop procurement platform to meet the different areas of business needs, to create more business opportunities. 

Exhibition for the domestic characteristics of LED industry, based in east China, radiation nationwide, around the enterprise new product development and new technology applications, in order to promote the LED product new technologies and large projects to achieve effective docking, promote industrial transformation and upgrading. In the specific direction, this exhibition focuses on industrial, household, urban and commercial lighting and other fields, display new products and avantgarde design; In addition, the exhibition also covers lighting accessories, LED packaging, power supply and drive peripheral products, presenting the industry's advanced technology results. Mainly include the following categories: 

Hotel Lighting 

Commercial lighting 

Intelligent lighting 

Urban and road lighting 

Architectural and landscape lighting 

In conjunction with the exhibition also held in Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition, Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition. Three exhibition linkage, Zhi in the industry to bring building technology and energy-saving overall solution, and become the East China area of intelligent lighting and green building the largest scale and influence of one-stop service platform. The synergy between the three exhibitions, in addition to benefiting the project buyers, but also to assist lighting and intelligent building manufacturers to achieve technology integration, establish a partnership. 

Through the project channel, leading East China lighting industry 

Shanghai is the center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, occupies the national construction market important share, a wide variety of lighting engineering renovation projects are endless, there are huge business opportunities. With the construction of East China City as the leading, led industry leading, small and medium-sized enterprises leapfrog industrial development pattern is accelerating formation. 

The boom in global urban construction is surging to the LED. Homeopathy, the exhibition together with a number of top industry associations to organize the focus of the seminar, to bring together the industry decision-making class, electrical designers, lighting designers, construction units and production enterprises, to explore the lighting project hot words. The seminar will focus on the key elements of project lighting: Lighting design, new technology, intelligent lighting, City lights and other topics, to help the industry insight into market trends and product development trends. 

"Lighting Design Bazaar" – Discovering the core value of "design": As China's economy and standard of living continue to rise, people pay more and more attention to the living environment, the vision is more international, so the market for lighting design has a more ardent demand. Light as the embodiment of beautifying space, highlighting the brand, the creation of economic value of the important cost role for the lighting industry to bring new opportunities and challenges. 

The second "Lighting Design Bazaar" was once again by the Chinese Association of Lighting Designers (Clda), IAC (International Professional Lighting Advisory Panel) and Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the Chinese and foreign well-known designers to analyze a number of interior lighting projects: covering the "retail space", "Hotel", "Gallery" and other fields, To grasp the pulse of industry to explore how to maximize the core value of "design" in the "traditional" and "intelligent" mode. At the same time, the Conference invited overseas well-known brands to showcase the forefront of lighting technology and focus on quality lighting design. 

"Explore the human-oriented lighting project high-end forum"-embodies the humanistic concern: with the advancement of technology and the pull of market demand, the rigid demand of light efficiency, visual shading effect and energy saving will no longer be the only focus of people's attention, the promotion of light quality, the health and comfort of light environment, ecological and safety, The future development of the field of lighting will be to achieve "people-oriented lighting" as the core. 

All the fruits of science and technology should serve mankind. This forum by the China Association of Lighting Appliances, Guangya Frankfurt exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, around the lighting enterprises how not to forget beginner, to serve the concept of people to design light source, lighting products and create a light environment, and explore landscape lighting, road lighting, school lighting, commercial lighting and other fields in the people-oriented design concept of the latest practice. 

"Intelligent change lighting." The Forum: Intelligent Lighting has demonstrated its inestimable potential in improving the quality of life, improving the way of daily life and expanding the global cities. At the same time, the Internet, networking also let LED lighting presents infinite possibilities, and reinterpret the meaning of lighting. 

Intelligence is changing the lighting ecology chain. Leading LED enterprises, with its keen business sense of smell, has already begun to look for new business opportunities in intelligent lighting. Jointly organised by China Lighting Society and Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., the Forum will be held in Shanghai International Lighting exhibition in the same period. From any point of view, intelligent lighting is destined to be a global-level battle. More and more companies are starting to focus on the future of smart lighting, especially on China's big stage. 

"City lighting manager Qiang Talk"-leading light culture: China to the "light culture" as a social phenomenon to everbright, throughout the world's urban landscape will show different characteristics and culture. Different cultural history, local customs and social ideas, cast a unique image of the various nationalities and features, forming a humanistic culture of the city Light. The construction of light culture is rooted in the fertile soil of the nation and lightens the soul of the city. 

City, make life better. Today's city construction, is running in a new posture in the modern journey. Domestic projects in full swing, the value of millions of U.S. dollars, for the lighting industry to bring unlimited business opportunities, including the east, central China to the lighting engineering needs particularly significant. Under this opportunity, Guangzhou Aladdin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. linkage Shanghai International Lighting exhibition, to create lighting + city, culture, tourism new bright spot, in view of how to create City Night scene card, culture, tourism and urban lighting integration and other topics, through deep excavation of urban cultural connotations, Combine the LED lighting with the city culture, explore the use of lighting to express urban culture, improve the role of landscape lighting in the city image and cultural promotion. 

At the moment, Shanghai fully pushes forward the wisdom city construction for the future, in the Plan 2.0 blueprint in the Wave-by-step. To Shanghai, is bound to be in the city of wisdom in the construction of the world's first column, which is the opportunity of the LED industry, Shanghai as a pilot, to promote technological change and the arrival of a new round of industrial development. 

Mr. Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., said, "China's urbanization is developing steadily." In terms of real estate and infrastructure projects, the development of Central and eastern China has been particularly rapid, boosting the market's huge demand for lighting programmes. Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition will highlight the development trend of project business opportunities and intelligent lighting solutions by presenting rich and varied lighting applications. " 

Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition carries the opportunity and the challenge, takes root in this international metropolis, becomes the new attention point. The current urban construction and industrial innovation in depth integration, LED lighting enterprises on a new development path.