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The Strength Of Exhibitors Gathered, New Products To Lead The Market Thinking

Sep 06, 2017

From Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., China International Trade Promotion Commission Shanghai Pudong Branch, Shanghai Redwood Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and China Smart Home Industry Alliance jointly held the third Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (Shanghai Smart House Technology-ssht) From September 5, 2017 to 7th in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the highlight of the event "new technology and new product launches" September 5 to 6th in the W3 activity area, 15 well-known industry associations and enterprises to show the audience intelligent life and smart home solutions, including control Panel, Gateway, Audio Entertainment, security and other fields of innovative research and development, leading the market trend.

 Mr. Hu Zhongshun, general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., said: "Intelligent combination of innovation, can provide consumers with a new era of life experience." To inherit the enthusiastic repercussions of the previous session, this year, Ssht again held the "new technology and new product launch", by the China Smart Home Industry Alliance (Cshia) and leading enterprises to present innovative technology and products, the conference activities will also incorporate a new concept, so that viewers to witness the forefront of the market, and close to the life of smart home technology, To promote trade and cross-border exchanges, inspire and lead the development of new trends in the market. We believe that Ssht can become a professional platform to promote the development of intelligent home, for the use of home to create a more intelligent, simpler and more comfortable living environment. ” 

Renowned enterprises and associations show intelligence, people-oriented innovation and development, build a better life of wisdom 

This year's release to "smart home new thinking linkage to the future of new life" as the theme, the gathering of intelligent home advanced technology and new products, embodies the concept of people-oriented intelligence. Participating units and enterprises include: China Smart home Industry Alliance, Haier, ABB, SONOS, Hongyan, Germany Morgan, home treasure, Hui School, Yong Min, Beone, the mountains small, Comp, violet material, Zhi zhi high-tech and hundred micro. The distribution of enterprises and units includes: 

villakit+ Huawei Hilink Intelligent Home Integration Application Solution release 

Developer: China Smart home Industry Alliance and Huawei Hilink 

China Smart home Industry Alliance Cshia and Huawei jointly release Villakit+hilink integrated Application solutions. On the one hand, by installing Villakit+hilink application in Huawei's intelligent router, realize Huawei intelligent Home data access; On the other hand, through villakit+ further enhance the system integration value, focus on innovation in artificial intelligence, large data platform, community service Platform application. At the same time, China's smart Home Industry Alliance Cshia Technology Group will continue to promote the Alliance Enterprise villakit+ interface upgrade. 

Haier gifted home intelligent Life open Platform 

Developer: Qingdao Haier Technology Co., Ltd. 

Will introduce Haier gifted home intelligent life open platform. 

7-inch screen intelligent Home control terminal 

Developer: ABB (China) Co., Ltd. 

7-inch Intelligent control terminal, suitable for intelligent home and intelligent building control and other application scenarios, with a variety of unique design, including flat-screen glass capacitive touch screen, high resolution display, replaceable metal decorative parts (optional stainless steel or aluminum alloy material), support for embedded, surface and desktop installation, ultra-thin design, Flat UI design, simple and not easy; Support list type and huxing schematic device control interface and so on. 

Sonos playbase New Product release 

Founded in 2002, Sonos is a leading manufacturer of home intelligent sound systems. Sonos Home Intelligent Sound System, wireless connection, with an app to control the playback of multiple rooms, so that everyone can at home in any room to listen to the music and enjoy the highest quality experience. Sonos Playbase can be placed in the TV under the use of ultra-thin but powerful design. This product has been designed because, as a result of the survey, about 70% of the world's users prefer to put televisions on a TV cabinet instead of hanging on the wall. 

Hongyan Intelligent Home System 

Developer: Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. 

Hongyan Intelligent Home System products integrated building intercom, security health, lighting control, environmental testing, energy management, data collection and other functions, has the Hongyan Intelligent Family Management Center (SHC), security detection, network cameras, DLT controller and DLT lamps, air sensors, intelligent switches, sockets and other products, With the intelligent panel as the entrance, to achieve in-situ replacement, combined with the external network and Internal network, wired and wireless connection, fixed panel and mobile control, data acquisition and management of the multidimensional integration, to achieve intelligent, energy-saving management. 

Morgan (China) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

Developer: Germany Morgan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

The panel features of Morgan's smart home products support user customization in actual use. In the actual use process, because the customer's life habits will change with the seasons, so the customer needs to modify the function of the panel. At this point, after we change the function through the app, the logo on the panel can be customized again. Only need to replace the metal plate on the panel, you can realize the change of function logo. These icons are designed to be intuitive and concise, and the function of the key is easy to use. 

Small Treasure H5 

Developer: Guangdong Ju Bao Digital technology Co., Ltd. 

Small treasure H5 is a combination of science and technology and aesthetics of the smart camera, the appearance of the design from a very futuristic sense of life, the sense of the three senses of one "egg." Concise and fluent line shape, with the middle suspension of the breathing lamp design, highlighting the home of the scientific and technological sense of life and the smart.

 Type 86 Wireless Smart panel 

Developer: Nanjing Hui Study Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

86-type Wireless Smart panel, its features include: 1 six-key combination, self-speed speed, number and function can be customized, the label can be customized; 2 simple operation, rapid disassembly, after the module can be replaced, button-type installation patent; 3 modular design can be divided into panels, base and main body three parts, functional modules can be replaced, strong and weak electricity separation, Away from the danger of electrocution; 4 intuitive operation, comprehensive use, the provision of independent custom-made graphical labels, the combination of the heart, the children of the elderly easily used; 5 personalized customization, the appearance of the style can be optional, such as concise, lines or patterns, customers can customize the glass style, and has 12 kinds of product color combination selection. 

Intelligent Gateway MHZG110 

Developer: Shanghai Yong Min Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

Yong Min Technology independent research and development of Intelligent Gateway MHZG110 is a small ZigBee smart home gateway. The appearance of the device is small and exquisite, Plug and Play, only need to connect the network cable home router can be set up smart home network, intelligent control. 

Thinker (Music interactive host) 

Developer: Chongqing Jinxin Technology industry Development Co., Ltd. 

Products adhering to the Beone has always been the style of "all things interconnected, mutual sensing" as the basis, so that in the Beone intelligent platform to become a "strategist" Operation Center and "coups" of the remote intelligent control platform; focus on "thick product" in hardware function, Creatively on the thinker to achieve a strong computing power, a wide range of highly integrated functional modules, multi-protocol communication ports, omni-directional multidimensional sensors, and beone intelligent platform for all access devices to interact control. In the user's experience, strive for "Jonah", highly intelligent AI man-machine interaction function, can achieve full voice control, situational mode control, so that users with extremely simple and convenient interactive operation, experience the powerful function of Beone intelligent platform. 

Aaron high-end Invisible Speaker 

Developer: Jiangsu Zhong Shan Small Intelligent Technology limited development company 

Compared with the traditional speakers, acoustic advantages can bring exciting new design, fully hidden loudspeakers from the 90 's originated in Europe, Germany has been in the DMLS Technology (1999) occupies a leading position, Elac in about 2000 years on the application of the technology, accessories began to be provided by the European Visaton. This powerful hidden form speaker solution, to meet a variety of space vision, the realization of high definition, high uniform coverage, can be completely immersed in the original sound of the speaker, at the same time for home, business, public places and other space architects to provide space for imagination. 

Comp Intelligent Apartment Series products 

Developer: Hangzhou Wise Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

Comp Intelligent Home Modular combination of systems, according to the needs of different users of customized functions and product configuration. In the face of more and more real estate and hotel intelligent demand, Comp targeted to launch apartment products, standardized installation and configuration can quickly deploy products, so that more customers can get a high cost-effective smart home experience. 

Intelligent Voice Box 

Developer: Shanghai Violet link things networking technology Co., Ltd. 

Violet's intelligent voice box is a product used in the home environment, the appearance of a simple, in line with the family's decoration style. On the hardware is the use of ring microphone array technology, can support 5 meters long distance to wake and speak instructions, better to meet the home environment in the far-field interaction needs. 

Lantern Fruit Intelligent Socket 

Developer: Shenzhen zhi zhi Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd 

Lantern Fruit Smart sockets are beautifully shaped, small and exquisite shape in line with the modern aesthetic needs, and has infrared forwarding and national standard five-hole anti-electric shock function; situational patterns and linkage let home experience intelligent technology to bring convenience, so that the use of home to enjoy convenient, intelligent, stylish, intimate perfect intelligent home life. 

Hundred Micro intelligent Doors and windows 

Developer: Chengdu Hundred Microelectronics Development Co., Ltd. 

Chengdu Hundred Microelectronics Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, engaged in intelligent family control system research and development, production, sales and technical services, providing ZigBee2.4G Wireless Intelligent Control overall solution, will release the micro-smart doors and windows. 

Ssht and the same period held in Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition (Shanghai intelligent Building technology–sibt), the mother exhibition is "light + building– Frankfurt International Lighting and building technology and equipment exhibition, held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany, will be held in March 2018 18 to 23rd. 

In addition to the above-mentioned exhibitions, Frankfurt exhibition in China's architectural Technology and Lighting exhibition series also includes Shanghai International Lighting exhibition, Shanghai International Intelligent Parking Exhibition, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Guangzhou International Building electrical Technology and intelligent Home exhibition. The company's construction Technology and Lighting exhibition series also covers Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and India and other markets.