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A Group Of Export LED Lights Do Not Conform To Saudi Arabia Saso Energy Efficiency New Regulations Encountered

Sep 08, 2017

It is understood that February 10, 2016, the Saudi standard Metrology quality Organization (SASO) and the Saudi Energy Efficiency center issued the "SASO 2870/2015: Lighting Products Energy efficiency, function and labeling requirements" of the lighting products technical regulations, The requirement that the standard lighting products be exported to Saudi Arabia must meet the requirements for energy certification. SASO2870/2015 has identified requirements for energy efficiency, function, labelling, and energy efficiency labelling in statutory lighting products, as well as for the safety of light source products, electromagnetic compatibility, and limits on toxic and harmful substances. 

The new energy efficiency requirements are implemented in three phases due to different power levels within the standard range of products. Since May 1, 2016, all kinds of directional and non directional bulbs with rated power of 60W and above have been included in the scope of control. Manufacturers or exporters of light products need to confirm that their products meet SASO2870 requirements before they are exported, register with the Saudi standards Office, apply for an energy efficiency certificate, and add a corresponding energy efficiency level sticker to the product. All products within the standard requirements will be inspected for labelling and registration certificates when they arrive at Saudi customs.

Since May 1, 2017, all kinds of directional and non directional bulbs under 60W rated power have been included in the control area. Such products need to obtain a SASO energy efficiency registration certificate, or they will be banned from importing into Saudi Arabia. This phase explicitly requires that the product compliance certification (COC) organization should be in line with the requirements of energy-efficient labelling of products to verify that the product does not meet the relevant requirements of the Saudi COC certificate. The third phase will be implemented on January 1, 2019.

After investigation, the export of the LED lights in my jurisdiction is mainly due to the external packaging is not in accordance with the SASO requirements to display energy efficiency labels encountered by Saudi Arabian customs prohibited imports. At this point, the Shaoxing entry-Exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the export enterprises of LED lights, closely follow the latest technical regulations of Saudi Arabia release information, timely access to SASO energy efficiency permits, according to the standard requirements of energy efficiency labelling, to avoid risk of the return operation.