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LED Lighting Giant Philips Combines Efficiency And Social Responsibility

Sep 08, 2017

Philips Lighting Support "green light poverty help stranded thousands of" public welfare projects, to Kunming Xundian, Luquan two counties donated LED lighting products, the project covers nearly 3000 households, benefiting people more than million.

"Green light poverty help stranded thousands of" public welfare projects by the China Quality Certification Center and the Kunming Science and Technology Bureau, Yunnan Province Green Energy Industry Association, China Renewable Energy Society Photovoltaic Professional Committee and other institutions to jointly undertake to apply environmental protection and energy-saving lighting products in precision poverty alleviation projects, To help households in poor areas save electricity bills while improving household lighting conditions. Philips Lighting This donation LED bulbs 8,000, chandeliers and lamps 200, staff volunteers also visited the local villages and towns to provide on-site support.

At the donation ceremony, Song Xiangdong, deputy director of China Quality Certification Center, pointed out that "Philips Lighting is a good example of China's public welfare undertakings, and has launched a number of public welfare projects over the years, and has achieved excellent social benefits." As the most influential quality service organization, China Quality Certification Center's public welfare activities should also embody the quality of this feature, do ' quality public welfare ', for poor areas of families, children donated real energy conservation and environmental protection, high quality and efficiency of products, to help more poor areas of family life improvement and children's growth. ”

During the donation campaign, Philips Lighting staff volunteer team visited Xundian County village and Luquan County village. They went into the villagers ' homes, sent the donated LED bulbs and lamps to the villagers and helped the villagers replace them. In the summer holiday, staff volunteers also organized local children to carry out a rich and colorful fun games, the energy and environmental knowledge into the game teaching. 

Philips Lighting, general manager of the Government and Public affairs Department of Greater China, Ms. Yang Lili, thanked the parties for their support and construction of the public welfare platform at the donation ceremony and said that Philips Lighting had brought the company's love and greetings to Yunnan. Light bulbs, though small, can bring warmth and practical energy-saving effects to each family, allowing children to study in a greener and brighter environment.

Philips Lighting in China to actively carry out social activities in the past 20 years, the company volunteer team in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan and other places, with green energy-saving products to help improve the living environment of poverty-stricken areas, improve the living standards of local residents, improve the learning conditions of local students. Through the Sustainable development plan-"shining life, a better world", all-round implementation of sustainable development commitments. Philips Lighting China also adheres to this concept and continues to repay Chinese society.

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