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Lian Jian Photoelectric: LED Business Continues To Good, Speed Up The Pace Of Integration

Sep 11, 2017

The company's operating income was about $1.701 billion, up 70.75% from a year earlier, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about $185 million, up 29.02% from the same period last year. 

Digital display equipment: catering to the industry to meet the trend of small spacing, advance layout to enjoy the tuyere dividend

Semi-annual report data show that the company reported that the number of digital display equipment operating income 538 million yuan, net profit of 72 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 19.83%. Especially in the small spacing led business has achieved gratifying results, only a limited company sales revenue year-on-year growth of 166.33%.

According to the Great Wall Securities and Electronics industry research Report, 2016 is a small spacing LED display ushered in a burst of growth of the year, Enterprise technology research and development, product space to achieve breakthrough innovation, display effect greatly upgraded, the industry market demand surge, 2017 small spacing LED display industry will usher in greater development opportunities. It is predicted that the 2017 small spacing LED display market will grow 30%-40%, and will maintain a robust growth in the next 3 years.

Lian Jian Limited grasp market opportunities, starting from 2012 the layout of small spacing research and development and production, and achieved gratifying results. According to the public information, the joint construction limited small-space products revenue for three consecutive years to maintain a high growth trend, 2014, 2015, 2016 respectively, 105 million yuan, 148 million yuan and 274 million yuan, the annual growth rate of 41.32% and 84.7%. In 2017, the joint construction of limited small-space products operating income showed a burst of growth, only 2017 1-June sales revenue of small space products has reached 194 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 166.33%. Lian Jian Limited small spacing LED products are applied to many fields, such as Shenzhen Metro, Zhejiang Broadcasting and Television bureau, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport T3 Terminal, and so on, the products also entered the Sichuan Luzhou, Shandong Rizhao and Hainan Province troops.

The company believes that small spacing LED display will still be the development trend of the industry, but also the future direction of the company's main attack. From the report data of the half year, led business has been to maintain revenue and profit growth, while the profit growth rate is not the reason for the increase in revenue growth in the light of the company to meet the needs of the market and technology has increased the small spacing led production line expansion, technology and research and development staff configuration upgrade and so At present, the limited production of small-spacing LED display and technology and research and development staff are already twice times the same period last year, with the effect of technology and production line input in the production capacity improvement gradually released, the company small spacing led results will lead to a new outbreak point, the next three years the company's small spacing led product growth is expected to reach 100% per year.

Digital Marketing Services: Brand innovation to obtain professional recognition, mobile marketing layout of the mainstream channels

During the reporting period, the sales revenue of the digital marketing service sector increased by 131.46% to $761 million, a net profit of 75 million yuan, up 36.81% from the same period last year. Company's digital marketing services sector has a good performance, especially the subsidiary of Shenzhen Lima and friends extension pr.

Shenzhen, especially in recent years, the rapid development of the mobile marketing business, reporting period of mobile marketing revenue 127 million, year-on-year growth of up to 3,300%, to achieve a qualitative leap. It is reported that Shenzhen, through the integrated media business in the Internet intensive, and constantly careful layout. As the exclusive agent of 360 Guangdong region, the business development is rapid, only one year mobile Shenzhen marketing business contract customers from more than 70 growth to more than 2000, the current service account has reached more than 20,000. This March, the acquisition of God horse search Internet advertising in Guangdong Province, the exclusive right to increase business channels.

Friends Extension PR currently has more than 350 public relations, digital, marketing professionals, in the first half of 2017 to achieve sales revenue of nearly billion yuan. In the process of business development, friend Billiton PR accumulated a large number of high-quality customers, and customers to establish long-term stable relations of cooperation, covering such as Tencent and Mengniu, such as a large number of High-quality brand customers. In addition to the recognition of customers and markets, the professional ability of the company's PR has also been recognized by professional organizations in the industry, in June 2017, the PR awards Asia awarded the PR "Oscar" of the technology Campaign of the Year ( The annual science and Technology Communication Project Award, Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign of the Year (the Annual CSR Communication Project award) and 2017 China Content Marketing Festival Kim Award.

Group's acquisition of Beijing AI PU New Media Technology Co., Ltd. enhanced the company's data platform development capabilities, enriched the company's subsidiaries to provide customers with the flow channels, the establishment of the group's internal synergy and complementary benefits.

"One committee four" management platform: Assist subsidiary business Development accelerate the integration of marketing services group

The company is committed to building a data-driven integrated marketing services group, in order to assist the business development of subsidiaries, promote the integration of the business between the subsidiaries and synergies, the establishment of the "one committee four" management platform to improve after the merger and acquisition management. Through the establishment of the Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Department, Business Operations department, Investment Management Department, publicity organization, from the normative operation, investment management, strategic planning, personnel training, central research and other aspects and all the subsidiaries of the all-round docking, to enhance the group's internal management efficiency and core competitiveness. Lian Jian Photoelectric Chairman Liu Hujun said that the group management platform and subsidiaries should be the relationship between business partners, "in the future, the joint-built photoelectric will achieve the scale of cooperation between the subsidiaries, the use of cloud data cloud through the line to promote the promotion of precision marketing, to achieve a multiplier success."

The future company will firmly "one committee four" management platform, in maintaining the LED display equipment business growth at the same time, extends the marketing communications Service industry, realizes each subsidiary's cooperation and the complementarity, creates the data actuation integrated Marketing service group.