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Domestic And International Warming, OLED TV Sweeping The World

Sep 11, 2017

There is no doubt that OLED is the development trend of TV industry, especially in the high-end TV market with fierce competition in global enterprises, OLED TV has been the trust of consumers, oleding phenomenon is sweeping the world. Especially in North America and European markets. It is understood that North America, Europe high-end TV market in the proportion of OLED is overwhelming advantage, far exceed LCD TV. According to data from global market research institutions, the world's 65-inch OLED TV in the second quarter of 2017 accounted for more than $3000 in high-end markets, with North America accounting for 68%, Europe 55% and China's 42%. Now in the European and American consumer market, whether it is best buy in the United States, or German media Markt, or the most upscale Harrods department stores in the UK, channel providers consciously put OLED TV in the most central position. It is obvious that the sale of OLED TV has become the main channel to increase profits. 

Turn to the Chinese market, in the case of LCD TV in the face of technical bottlenecks, OLED television has reaped considerable results. According to Oviyun Network (AVC) monitoring data, 2017 1-May OLED TV retail volume rose 86.3% year-on-year, and estimated that the 2017 OLED TV panel's global shipments would reach 1.8 million, up 100%; In addition, the OLED camp size is growing, From the beginning of 2016, 5 TV manufacturers expanded to 13 TV manufacturers have launched OLED TV products, only in the Chinese market, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, LG Electronics, Sony, Philips and other six major domestic and foreign color TV giants have been the OLED, the development speed is irresistible. This year in Beijing, the two major OLED innovation technology experience Museum is to enhance the people's confidence in the OLED, in the major international exhibitions to seize the limelight in the future of the OLED TV new products are displayed in, attracting a stream of visitors to visit the consumer.

Now, the show industry is at the crossroads of upgrading, is facing a new round of shuffling. Liquid Crystal as has occupied our vision more than 10 years of display technology, the stamina is increasingly weak, despite the emergence of laser, quantum dots and other self optimization technology, improve space is still very limited. In addition, the first half of the domestic TV market encountered cold, color TV sales negative, showing that the industry needs change. In this situation, OLED to face the saturation of the color TV industry to provide a new value, to become a breakthrough in industrial innovation and upgrading. The continuous development of OLED technology, subversion of the concept of traditional television, is changing our way of life.

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