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Apple New Patent: Ipod/iphone Backlight Can Be Used As A Flash For Night Running Lighting

Sep 13, 2017

Apple has given several examples of how it can be used, according to a new patent on "key backlight as a Flash" published earlier today. 

First: Although it usually uses a dense patent language, it can also be used as a dance strobe light at night to achieve lighting effects. It is controlled by a processor to send a glimmer of the display playlist, selected from multiple playlists where the processor controls the intensity of the light assigned to the selected playlist in preset mode, so that different songs in the music mode are displayed at the level of the transmitted light. 

Second: Through the example of support, will be a slow runner's safety light wave. The calculation device has a light source configured to output the beacon light effect, and when the user is in low light or no light condition, will automatically notify other present users on the device; The lighting effect may include flashing, fading, disappearing, or optional pulses. 

Interestingly, the patent was in fact a blueprint for the application earlier this year, and the patented device was a classic ipod, which, according to Apple, was a continuation of a series of patents dating back to 2004. 

However, the patent details show that the device may be a media player, an iphone, or both. Like all Apple patents, I don't know if this idea can really turn it into a real product, look forward to it.