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Export Of Indian LED Lamps Will Be Implemented BIS Mandatory Certification

Sep 15, 2017

August 16, 2017, India Electronic Information Technology department issued a circular, 13 categories of electronic products added to the BIS mandatory certification system, products involving LED lamps, home appliances with power supplies, smart watches and other products. This notice is scheduled to be enforced 6 months from the date of the announcement, that is, February 16, 2018. 

It is understood that India's import product certification project originally belonged to voluntary certification, but January 28, 2004, India Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a 29th circular, stipulating that all imports belonging to the Indian Standards Bureau of 109 types of compulsory imports of products within the scope of product, foreign producers or Indian importers must first to the Indian Standards Bureau (BIS) Apply for the certificate of Import product certification, the customs according to the certificate of import goods release. 

Electric light source and lamp products belong to Shaoxing's key export products, involving export enterprises nearly hundred, involving more than 600 million dollars in production value. This updated bis mandatory certification of the third batch of 13 categories of products, belong to the lighting products have embedded LED lamps, LED street lights and street lights, led floodlight, LED hand lights, LED lights, LED emergency lights, plus the second batch has been implemented led from the town lights, etc. Related LED lights and lighting products are basically included in the BIS mandatory certification scope. 

It is understood that Shaoxing export led products due to foreign technical barriers to trade and return, in recent years, has been increasing, involving product certification, energy efficiency identification, the origin of the logo. In response to the Indian New Deal, Shaoxing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the relevant enterprises: to prepare for a rainy day, to grasp the relevant provisions of the Indian BIS certification, pay more attention to the latest Indian trends, as well as the Indian Standards Bureau (BIS) in the next 6 months to announce the latest standards and so on; timely communication with customers related certification requirements, To avoid unnecessary follow-up disputes and losses.