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2500PCS 1.5m High Lumens Led T8 Tube Lights Sending Out This Afternoon

Sep 19, 2017

re-order from our old clients, thanks for support again,

2500 PCS led T8 tube light was be sending out in this afternoon, pleasae check the picture as follow:

LED Linear Batten Lamp T5 /T8 High Lumens 130lm/w, 150lm/w Tube Lights:

    Part No. Body  SizeColorPower



     Lumens/W  (clear)PFCRI
    LS-11-LLF-T5-06-9W 550mm3000K-6000K 9W 110lm/W 125lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-06-9W 550mm3000K-6000K 9W 130lm/W 140lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-18W 1150mm3000K-6000K 18W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-18W 1150mm3000K-6000K 18W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-25W 1150mm3000K-6000K 25W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-12-25W 1150mm3000K-6000K 25W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-25W 1145mm3000K-6000K 25W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-25W 1145mm3000K-6000K 25W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-28W 1145mm3000K-6000K 28W 120lm/W 135lm/W>0.9>80Ra
    LS-11-LLF-T5-15-28W 1145mm3000K-6000K 28W 140lm/W 155lm/W>0.9>80Ra

if you are looking for led batten light, T5 tube, T8 tube light waterproof or non-waterproof, please contact us anytime, we will reply you within 24 hours.