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The New Breakthrough: LED Fire Sighting Lamp Into The Scene Search And Rescue Tool

Sep 20, 2017

Green Ring manager Lio Rong said that the frontline disaster relief firefighters rushed into the smoke-filled fire to save people, the need for lighting search and rescue trapped personnel, understand and return to the site topography, so "fire light" is the most important role of the strike brother. 

The traditional fire lighting uses the head lamp or the chest lamp more, equipped with lightweight, but limited battery capacity and volume, so that lighting brightness, endurance and limited range, it is not easy to distinguish the flow of smoke, if the use of powerful flashlight lighting, but also a waste of personnel dedicated to operation, the impact of disaster relief on-site fire manpower deployment. 

Green Ring Team Research and development of the "fire sighting lamp", is directly installed in the existing fire sighting, only 30 seconds can be assembled to complete, the joint can be rotated, can change the direction of light at any time, also suitable for left-handed firefighters hold. 

Lio Rong shows that the fire sighting lamp is the use of "fluid potential difference" into electricity, through the powerful water pressure of the fire-fighting water, the turbine can be powered by an LED lamp attached to the fire sight, and the small lithium-ion battery attached to the lamp will also store electricity, and can continue to provide illumination when there is no water. 

More importantly, fire sighting lamp brightness of up to 25,000 candle light, is the general fire head lamp 10 times times, the chest lamp more than 5 times times, the illumination effect has expanded the scene visibility from 1 meters to 4 meters, and the water source drives the electricity, that is, the disaster relief personnel waterline pulls to where, the search line goes.

 Lio Rong pointed out that the fire sighting lamp Taiwan has actually imported Tainan, Taipei City, Keelung Port Affairs Bureau and other Fire brigade, accumulated more than 200 more than the scene of the site verification, is indeed the Spark brothers into the rescue weapon.