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Delivery Infor: 500m Led Plant Grow Strip Light Will Be Send Out To Dubai

Sep 22, 2017

thanks support from our new clients, 500m led plant grow strip light will be send out to Dubai.

application in lettuce grow lighting project. 

plant lights/ led plant lights/ plant grow lights

Different wavelenth' s influence to plants
Absorptivty is low, simulate the cells to prolong and influence the seedds sprout and bloom.
Chlorophyll's absorptivity is low, it influences the photosynthesis and photoperiodic effects
The absorptivity of pigment is not hight
The rate of absorptivty for chlorophyll & carotene is very big and enhance the photosynthesis largely
chlorophyll's absorptivity is low and influences the photoperiode effects and prevent stem extend.
It has a very little influence for morphological and physiological

full spectrum led grow lights/ led grow lamp/indoor plant lights:

Super-bright 5050SMD LEDs
Safety, Easy, Eco-friendly
Colors:  Red/Blue: 5/1
Input voltage: DC12V
Power: 12W/M
IP rate: IP54
Bean angle: 120°
Working temperature:-20ºC~45ºC
Lifetime: more than 50,000 hours
Materials: KED+PCB+silicon glue+UL driver
With CE & RoHs, 2 years warranty

plant grow strip light.jpg