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Lighting Doesn't Depend On Electricity? Rainbow Tunnel With LED Spontaneous Light Technology

Sep 23, 2017

It is understood that September 15, Zhejiang Huzhou 205 Province Road, No. 1th Tunnel Spontaneous Light Project completed construction, this is the city's first lighting does not rely on electricity "rainbow Tunnel", can help push road maintenance projects more energy-saving, environmental protection. 

The Rainbow Tunnel is a new material that can be used without electricity or light, and the new material is installed at the top and the wall of the tunnel. The luminescent principle of this new material is that the electro-optic energy-storage-energy-energy-spontaneous optical LED is stimulated by the LED electro-optic excitation. Only 5-15 minutes each time, can absorb the storage of natural light, motor vehicles and all kinds of lighting energy, without any energy, can maintain 12 hours to emit yellow, blue, green and other light. In the No. 1th tunnel in tianhuangping, the illumination indicator is also set up, and a large area of colored strips is used as a warning reminder, and the inducing sign on the wall is helpful to guide the safe driving. 

In addition to the 0 energy consumption and 0 carbon emission characteristics, the spontaneous optical technology can also play an emergency role. Once the tunnel in the event of power failure, fire, explosion, collapse and other accidents, can play a 12-hour emergency light induction, for the trapped people to provide guidance for the rapid escape.