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2017 The 19th Session Of The Western Light Expo And Chongqing LED Lighting And Display International Exposition

Sep 25, 2017

Basic information:

Exhibition Time: 2017/9/25 to 2017/9/27

Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center "Nanping"

Organizer: China Electronics Society Chongqing Optical Society

Zhongqing LED lighting Research and Development Association of Chongqing Semiconductor Industry Alliance

Zhongqing Electronic Society of Chongqing Science and Technology Association


Organizer: Zhongqing LED lighting research and Development and Industrial Alliance Chongqing nine days billion exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Semi-guide Lighting industry Development Promotion Association

Exhibition Scope:

LED Display and application products

1 LED display and power supply: outdoor/indoor display, Canta/dual-color/monochrome display, LED advertising machine, large screen and control system, LED/LCD display system, led driving power supply and all kinds of rain-proof, ultra-thin power supply, drive IC, LED intelligent control system, etc.

2 HD display: HD display terminal/large-screen mosaic/heterosexual mosaic/multi-screen display, LCD LCD, digital electronic kanban/plasma display, multimedia information dissemination system, touch-one machine/touch panel and various types of touch screen/ito conductive film and other touch-screen solutions;

3 LED light source and application: Point light Source, metal word, luminous word and luminous word system, module, light box, lamp strip, guardrail tube, neon lamp, controller, led drive, etc.

4 LED packaging and supporting materials: LED Chip, epitaxial film, Lei chip and related Materials SMD LED, high-power led, digital tube, lattice module, silicone, epoxy rubber, fluorescent powder, substrate, IC, etc.

5 LED Backlight

6. LED base material and manufacturing testing equipment:

LED substrate, dispensing machine, solid crystal machine, welding wire machine, color separation/separation machine, cutting foot machine, spectrum detector, purification equipment, etc.

7 OLED (Organic light-emitting diode), LD (laser diode), EL (cold light source), laser sensor, etc.

LED Lighting and intelligent products

1 LED outdoor lighting: LED street lamps, tunnel lights, outdoor/street lighting, office and factory lighting, building lighting

More information

China-Midwest International Photoelectric Industry Exposition (abbreviation: CCWPE or Chongqing Light Fair), is at present our country Midwest Region history longest, Chongqing municipality is the only photoelectricity industry entire industry chain annual industry event, has successively successfully held 17 sessions, CCWPE2017 is scheduled to be held August 9, 2017-11th at the Chongqing International Conference and Exhibition Center, the current session of the Conference to "exhibition and research Integration" of the exhibition style, the same period held "2017 China (Chongqing) Photoelectric and Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum", "2017 China (Chongqing) LED technology and semiconductor process Forum", " 2017 China (Chongqing) optical communication Technology and Development Forum, "2017 photoelectric innovation Technology products Release and award Conference" and many other rich, forward-looking practical supporting activities and Expo held in the same period.

The forum aims to set up industry technical exchanges and cooperation platform, to convene well-known academicians at home and abroad, experts, scholars and colleagues to explore in the "Industrial 4.0", "Internet +", "photoelectric manufacturing" of the environment we need to think about and action, through academic reports and academic research to promote the industry "production, study, research, use" Cross Fusion and effective docking, looking forward to the future development trend of the industry for enterprises to pilot and specify the direction for our country to achieve "China made 2025" for the purpose of building a solid foundation.

CCWPE has become an important platform for the healthy development of optoelectronic industry by demonstrating the large scale and the influence of photoelectric power in China. The cumulative exhibition area of 450,000 square meters, the cumulative exhibitors more than 6,200 times, more than 380,000 visitors visitors, turnover of more than tens of billions of yuan, won the general acclaim.

CCWPE2017 has the central and western regions of China photoelectric, the support and close cooperation of dozens of relevant professional societies/associations, such as semiconductor, auto, medical, beauty, education, technology, shipbuilding, military, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, telecommunication, railway, manufacturing, communication, automation, instrumentation, electronics, electricity, computer, etc. , with extensive and strong professional audience base.