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Lin Yongji: Lighting And Health

Sep 28, 2017

During the Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition, the Lightcraftambience architecture SDNBHD Design Director, Mr. Lin Yongji, made a speech entitled "People-Oriented lighting: Lighting and health" in the 2017 Aladdin Forum-Thinking Lighting forum. This paper interprets the illumination of people-oriented and suggests how to realize the control of light from a healthy angle. The author sorted out the content of Mr. Lin Yongji's speech and shared it with everyone to see how the light energy could benefit mankind better. 

Looking forward to prehistoric times, ancestors learned the importance of light to us. The importance of daylight is self-evident, from lightning, fire and other sources of light, used to make food, drive the beast. First look at the development of lighting technology, the first light raw materials from the natural wood to take light, the back with oil, natural gas, gas to help illuminate, Edison invented electricity, with electric light, with a fluorescent lamp, the Japanese inventor brought Blu-ray led. 

People-oriented lighting 

What is people-oriented lighting? The most ideal people-oriented lighting, will bring good vision, bring good mood, New balance, promote the internal operation of the body, the body structure more reasonable, strengthen a certain aspect, bring the overall promotion, compare energy saving, can play a role in protecting the environment. 

Body structure refers to the body mechanism, body structure of the biological clock, will regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, hormone secretion, affect the body's functional performance and emotional expression. such as Holmondoba Amine, will make us happy. This is why when the sun shines when the mood will naturally feel good, and the lack of light, cloudy, dark, do not want to get up in the morning, there is no strength to work. There is also a visual feeling, sometimes some people due to the visual acuity, age and other factors of influence, need more lighting to see more clearly. 

In terms of energy conservation and sustainability, with LEDs, the energy consumption generated by light illumination is greatly reduced, and the amount of energy consumed by the light is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. In this process will not cause too much pollution or undesirable emissions, will not produce mercury. 

How light affects us 

In the process of technology development, digital technology is increasingly applied to the lighting industry, with digital technology, in fact, can realize the so-called light adjustable, lighting costs further reduced. Light can be adjusted to the human evolution process, more than 200 years ago, most of human time in the outdoor life, outdoor environment changes cause our bodies to adapt to outdoor environment. Now because most of the time living indoors, we have a part of the impact on our body function. Before living outdoors, get sufficient illumination, even if the weather is not very good when there is sufficient illumination, indoor if there is no artificial illuminance, only One-fourth, so natural light can better regulate the body function. 

With the development of LED technology, lighting technology more and more digital, traditional light sources have incandescent lamps, halogen lamp, with the digital technology, with LED lights. Lighting equipment is more and more functional, some lighting equipment can transfer data, transmission information, as well as an adjustable lamp. We all know that the eyeball works, there are neurons on the eyeball surface, the neurons capture the light and color, as signals to the brain, the brain is analyzed and processed. Scientists realize that the eye captures light in addition to vision, there are not visual ways to feel the light, all kinds of glands, the pituitary gland in a non visual way to feel the influence of the outside light, as long as there is light, the body of all channels will feel him, light to the internal function and biological clock. 

How to control the light 

For example, it can be used in the classroom. In the United States and European schools have done some experiments, in the morning near noon when appropriate to add some blue light in the classroom, students focus more. 

In the office area, also use the appropriate Blu-ray, so that the staff in the daytime more focused attention, the workplace eat lunch afternoon will be sleepy. A little colder temperature will make your attention more concentrated and more efficient. Wait until the day of work, the color warm a little, let the body and mind relax, prepare for the job. 

In the medical situation, just after the surgery is recovering patients, modulation ward color temperature, for rehabilitation has a good effect. Like sebum, adrenal gland can be stimulated by cold light, warm, in the morning, at night at different times, the patient needs to awake when sober, need to relax when relaxing. 

We know that there is a biological clock inside the body, some countries, such as the polar Arctic Circle of countries, summer light time 20 hours, winter light time hours, this time can be adjusted by indoor simulation of the biological clock. In these countries have done some research, if long-term in polar time, happy dopamine secretion is not high, there will be no spirit, through the adjustable lighting system, can be a good solution to such problems. 

For manufacturers, many manufacturers are 24 hours of operation, to the night people will be sleepy instinct, if the factory illuminance to make people more excited, more efficient, less likely to hurt. When the night shift is almost over, the light is warm, darker, and home from work. 

Also in some Ankang center, spa can be used in this light effect, the brightness of the light lowered, the body will naturally relax. 

For the flying trapeze, everyone's common trouble is that the quality of sleep is not high during the flight, now some airlines have set up adjustable light control system in the cabin, relax when relaxed. And if the effect can be popularized, it means that the plane can get a good rest and will be able to work in an invigorating manner at the destination. 

Our body recognition in the continuous sublimation process, the future with the development of science and technology, will know more about the body function. I believe that with the development of technology, one day soon can be based on their own needs to achieve personalized lighting program. In the future, there are many kinds of applications, I believe it must be more than now.