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2016~2017 Lighting Industry Development Summary And Trend Outlook

Oct 09, 2017

First, 2016 annual lighting control Industry Development overview

With the continuous development of energy-saving technology, the traditional lighting market, the protagonist incandescent lamp will be formally curtain, exit the lighting market. In the past few years, the domestic LED lighting industry as dazzling as Sirius, from technological innovation to good policy, the new people have poured into the old man to dig gold, the powerful just have to incidentally to the upstream and downstream related industries also bring fire, but lying on the days to make money seems not long.

By the small led enterprise's collapse tide, opened the Chinese led industry reshuffle big curtain. This year, the government procurement threshold, IPO listing tide continued, industry standards have been promulgated and other three factors will accelerate the process of LED industry shuffle.

The price of lighting products is gradually bottoming out, the scale benefits of large enterprises are gradually highlighted, some enterprises to avoid the direct competition of Giants began to try to break through the market segments. Intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, agricultural lighting and medical lighting, as well as building lighting, visible light communications and other markets by the vast number of manufacturers of the favor and concern. For example, in the uvled market, the product unit price is dozens of times times higher than the general led, the huge market value attracts many manufacturers to scramble to invest.

With the maturity of capital integration, led companies are not satisfied with only the LED market, in addition to the LED industry chain on the downstream of the whole and outside, many lighting enterprises have been the capital of the "tentacles" outside the field of lighting, investment, media, Internet, sports and so on as the focus of the capital of enterprises.

II. The present situation of China lighting market

The global economy has stabilized over the past year, and the mainland is still seen as the most promising emerging market for the industry, and the country's many policies, including the "Thirteen-Five-year Plan" and the "All Along the Way" initiative, will gradually promote the transformation of the mainland economy and strengthen its integration with the world economy.

In the first half of 2016, the total output of the national light-emitting diode still showed increasing trend, while the first half of the total output of incandescent lamps continued to decline, which can be seen in China's LED lighting penetration rate is steadily improving. At the same time, the first half of 2016 China's lighting industry cumulative revenue of 2 trillion yuan, performance is still very eye-catching. In this context, China's super 70% LED enterprises appear revenue and profit double growth.

Because, the illumination is People's daily life "just need", and the national Energy saving consciousness has the obvious enhancement, along with China to the environmental issue day by day, the market demand for the environmental protection product also rises relatively. According to the survey, 40% of the surveyed lighting exhibitors and buyers believed that led and environmental lighting had the greatest potential for growth in 2017, up 14% from a year earlier, followed by commercial lighting and home lighting. With the increase in the output of LED lighting products, the majority of respondents believe that in the next 1-3 years, retail prices and ex-factory price will be reduced. In the area of application of LED products, 32% of the respondents think that indoor home lighting in the next two years the most development potential, while 21% of the intelligent lighting system has a relatively potential.

Price war hit bottom to segment market

LED industry, the impact of the fierce price war, Ripple LED lighting enterprises. In addition to the current half of China's lighting enterprises have a difficult problem: in the industry chain downstream, difficult to master the chip technology. The consequence of this situation is that downstream enterprises have to pay high cost to upstream enterprises in order to obtain chips and to by on technical standards.

On the one hand, the LED industry is deep in the price vortex, on the other hand, enterprise technology patent costs and other problems can not be effectively resolved, so that even many large-scale enterprises have no profit to say, not listed small and medium-sized lighting enterprises situation more difficult, easy to fall into the trap of financial chain break. Experienced the ebb and flow of the industry changes, the entire industry chain has been caught in the Red Sea, many enterprises have been affected or even caused the survival crisis, and even into a bankruptcy situation. Domestic LED lighting companies gradually moved to intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, plant lighting, industrial lighting, medical lighting, visible light communications, led apparel and other areas of subdivision.

In the first three quarters of this year, China's economy slowed down and downside risks to the global economy have risen. Because of this, which relies on the global infrastructure lighting facilities upgrading, to the lighting industry to bring rich revenue to the idea of a serious blow. While the IMF expects economic activity in developed economies to rebound modestly in the next two years, emerging economies have been particularly affected by the global economy, leading to slow and even steep cuts in led improvements in their public lighting facilities. 

2016 lighting control industry active force, average score of Word-of-mouth

At present, the world's several major lighting companies began to peel off the lighting of the single goods business, the focus shifted to higher profits in the professional lighting market segments, such as Philips in the sale of lighting devices business focus on medical and health lighting; General Electric to intelligent lighting and automotive lighting for the main development direction. 

2016 lighting control Industry brand index single average score

To do a good job of lighting engineering channels, we need to have the best products and brands. Design should be first cut, equipped with professional lighting designers to strengthen cooperation, improve technical content, so as to achieve market price protection, not to play a bad price war. From the development of the intelligent lighting control industry, as more and more participants enter, the excessive single market strategy will be submerged in a large number of emerging brands, lighting companies should also be based on market changes, adjust corporate strategy, multinational giants today in China LED lighting field "shrink Front" is the great opportunity for Chinese enterprises to rise.

IV. The development trend of China's lighting control market

At present, China's lighting industry due to excessive number of enterprises, overcapacity, resulting in oversupply; the future trend is still the integration of the main, on the one hand through mergers and reorganizations, bigger and stronger a number of enterprises; On the other hand will gradually eliminate a number of uncompetitive enterprises, making China's lighting industry more healthy and more

On the other hand, the rise of intelligent city, intelligent lighting has become an inseparable part of the wisdom of the city, and the core of intelligent lighting control. The rapid development of intelligent control technology, in meeting people's visual, physiological and psychological needs, at the same time, "people-oriented" health lighting is also playing a more and more important role, humanized and personalized lighting function is gradually leading the current market trend.

Lighting industry from outdoor lighting, commercial lighting in the field of complete infiltration into the field of home lighting, many enterprises into the LED lighting market, especially in the intelligent family, smart home of the hot concept of the impact of the lighting industry more attention to green energy conservation, gradually from the "price war" to "Brand War" "Value War", These all have the extremely high request to the enterprise comprehensive competition ability.