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Not Afraid Of Adverse Effects Of Exchange Rate LED Lighting Export Boom Continued To Good

Oct 10, 2017

 August China LED lighting export boom index of 52.2, in the boom range, the decline of 0.4 points compared to last month, which shows that August China LED lighting export overall situation is good, but compared with a slight weakening last month, mainly by the Chinese LED lighting export scale, exchange rate fluctuations, packaging device price trends, Enterprise LED lighting export business revenue multiple factors impact. 

Note: All indices range from 40 ~ 60, 50 to the critical value of the boom index, indicating that the economic condition tends to rise or improve and is in a state of prosperity when the boom index is greater than the critical value. When the boom index is less than the critical value, it indicates that the economic condition tends to decline or worsen. The specific criteria are: More than 58 for the "very good" interval, [58, 53] for the "more Prosperous" interval, [53, 50] for the "boom" interval, (50, 47] for the "depression" interval, (47, 42) for the "more Depressed" interval, (42, 40) for the "very depressed" interval. 

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The export scale index declined and the overall export growth trend weakened. August China LED lighting export total amount of 1.952 billion U.S. dollars, the chain fell 7%, exports 1.869 billion, quarter-on-quarter growth 30%; The scale index fell 7% from last month. 

Fluctuations in the exchange rate index adversely affect exports. The August dollar fell 1.3% against the yuan last month, negatively affecting the development of LED lighting exports. 

LED raw Material index stable, packaging device prices tend to stabilize. Into the late August, the lighting market into the traditional off-season, lighting led demand cooling, lighting packaging manufacturers of the dynamic rate has slipped, but has not directly affected the product's terminal price. The price of 5630 (25-35), 2835 (10-24) and 3030 (100-120) of the whole led packaging device remained relatively stable, with no significant change compared with July. 

Enterprise LED lighting export business revenue index fell, mainstream enterprises export scale reduced. August Corporate LED lighting export business revenue index fell 11% compared to last month, the main export scale of major enterprises fell in different degrees last month. Among them, the state lighting decreased by 1%, Lixin letter fell 5%, Sunshine Lighting fell 4%, the reach of 2%, Foshan lighting down 13%.