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New York Super 70% Street Lights Have Been Replaced By LED, The Effect Is Surprising ...

Oct 11, 2017

The goal in New York is to upgrade about 28% of the remaining lights by the end of 2018, excluding those on state highways.

LED lamp life longer than the old light, but only half of the energy consumption, can save millions of of dollars. Experts say upgrades can add to the sense of security that can inspire locals and tourists in New York to walk more streets at night.

Harold Takooshian, a professor of psychology and Urban Research at Fordham University in Fordham, said, "in the United States, some cities are off duty after 5 o'clock in the afternoon." New York That's not the case. In addition, he also studies how streetlights affect the community.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg approved a plan to upgrade streetlights in 2013. The first phase begins in 2015 from Brooklyn, followed by 2016 in Queens. According to the latest traffic data, nearly 154,000 LEDs have been installed in the two boroughs. About 25,000 LED lights have been installed in the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

According to New York police, the overall crime rate has fallen by 8% in the past two years. Takooshian says it is difficult to establish direct correlations between lower crime rates and improved lighting, but "improved lighting makes people safer".

Takooshian says New York has been looking for ways to better illuminate the streets in an economical and efficient way.

When the LED lights were first installed in 2015, some Brooklyn residents complained that led lights were too bright to disturb their sleep. The Mayor Bill Blasio and the Ministry of Transport responded to these complaints and took swift action.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport said, "the Ministry of Transport investigated the lighting of these communities and met with LED lighting manufacturers to lower the wattage (down from 78 watts to 72 watts) and to other lamps that could change the light transmission." ”

These adjustments seem to work. Elected officials and community leaders said they had not received significant complaints about the lights for more than a year.

"For many people, this is the norm," says Jeremy Laufer, regional manager of Brooklyn Community Council. ”

Los Angeles, Hawaii Oahu and Phoenix are planning similar upgrades, while environmental activists say they will look for inspiration from New York.

"New York's streetlights may be more than any other city in the United States," said Eric Goldstein, environmental director of the New York Natural Resources Protection Committee. "If it works in New York, other districts are likely to follow." ”

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