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OP Lighting Join Hands Tencent Next Idea Technology Art Cross-boundary Definition Intelligent Life

Oct 16, 2017

October 9-October 19, op united Tencent next Idea innovation competition, the development of science and technology across the border exhibition in Shenzhen burning sentiment staged. The next Idea innovation competition joined hands with Hawking (Stephen William Hawking), this year to "the Future of Intelligent life" as the theme, called on youth groups to focus on the future of mankind, especially in the field of intelligent life. OP as the leading brand in the lighting industry, while creating a comfortable light environment for the masses of consumers, but also always pay attention to the younger generation of consumer groups for the future of intelligent life exploration, hope to professional strength and intelligent research and development technology, for consumers to bring intelligent and convenient future home life new experience. OP this cross-border cooperation, the combination of light and intelligent technology, the future of the infinite possibilities of life, as long as you want to Yao, op can be achieved for you.

In the cubicle, but yearning for the ocean's comfort, longing for the vast desert can only be imagined in the mind, want to pursue the romance of flowers but nowhere to find. But in this science and technology cross-border exhibition-Intelligent Voice lighting exhibition, just a word, op with light and shadow to take you through the world you want. A "Hi little micro, I want to go to the seaside", the whole field of light ephemeral into the ocean blue, while the sound of the waves sounded, the lights with the music layer by step gradient, let you feel the waves of comfort. The desert, the sea, the flowers ... Each participant can experience the nature of the psychedelic world, or romantic beauty, or fashionable, or avant-garde ideas.

OP uses intelligent means to give the "light" unlimited interactive fun and artistic charm. The OP Wisdom light combined with Tencent cloud small micro intelligent Voice Interactive technology, with a simple password can trigger device system, the shadow of a mottled world. In addition, OP Lighting also insight into the details of consumer home life, so that intelligent technology to change our lives, make life more convenient and comfortable.

Speech recognition technology gives home hardware auditory and visual perception

Before we came home at night, we need to find a switch to turn on the light. Before leaving home, need to close the room lighting, sometimes a hurry out of the door just remembered, the living room lights forgot to shut down, the rest of the shadow, the lights are always too dazzling, can not find the right to see the best brightness of the film ... The consumer's Troubles, op all have concerns. In the field of intelligent home experience, OP for people at home in different life scenes, through the voice control technology to allow lighting and other home equipment together, to provide a scene of intelligent home solutions, with intelligent light to open the new home experience. Wisdom Infinite, Yao you want.

Whether it is night home, or romantic living atmosphere to create, as long as a voice command, OP instantly for us to create a comfortable atmosphere. When you come home at night, don't be afraid of the darkness in the house. Indoor soft warm light is gradually lit up, curtains closed, a pleasant night time to open up the work of the day, want to see a movie leisure relax, a "I want to see a movie", indoor wall lights, ceiling lights gradually dimmed, Create a good view of the atmosphere, leisure life is so simple; Of course, want a romantic atmosphere is also just a call, lighting color changes, the sound of automatic open, in this atmosphere, enjoy the exclusive of your two people world. The future intelligent life that everyone once yearned for, op let it come true.

With 20 years of professional strength, op for consumers to create intelligence, quality of life on the road to make unremitting efforts to move forward. From the previous cross-border cooperation with Huawei, through the Hilink agreement and other smart home products to achieve interoperability, and now with Tencent, the use of voice control can open high-quality light environment experience. OP has always been in the field of light and intelligent, while OP also firmly believe that health, fashion, professional, intelligent light, will make the future of life better, so that consumers feel smart home life convenience and charm. In addition to this Shenzhen station, the Science and Technology cross-border exhibition will also be on October 26-November 10 in Hangzhou, December 9-December 25 in Chengdu, the charm of the world must not miss.