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British New LED Pavement Can Prompt Drivers And Cyclists To Have Pedestrians Through

Oct 16, 2017

A new type of road embedded with LED lights was unveiled in London to help detect pedestrians and warn drivers and cyclists of dangers on the road. The new road was developed by a company called Umbrellium, a direct line of insurance companies, and the high definition cameras and LEDs were embedded in the road.


The two cameras on the road were able to record hundreds of of variables and detect pedestrians or other road users within 22 metres of the intersection. Information can be sent from the camera to the computer, the computer in less than 1% seconds of time to respond, so that led display a variety of colors and patterns.

The road uses machine learning to predict pedestrian movements, creating a crossroads for them. High impact plastic which can be embedded in asphalt is used on the road surface. According to the designer's requirements, the plastic surface can withstand a lot of traffic flow. The plastic surface of the road has more than 660 LED lights that can be programmed to change colors and patterns to provide pedestrian warning for cyclists or drivers.

The prototype road is waterproof, can maintain the vehicle and the person's weight, can distinguish between the person, the vehicle or the bicycle difference.

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