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Hong Kong International Autumn Electronic Products Exhibition And International Electronic Components And Production Technology Exhibition

Oct 23, 2017

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Exhibition Time: October 2018 Venue: Asia-Hong Kong

Exhibition Industry: Electronic

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Event: ★★★ Asia's largest spring electronic products exhibition Hot ★★★


Exhibition Introduction

The world's leading electronics Show

Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, held in the autumn with the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, is the world's leading electronics exhibition, which involves a wide range of electronic products, including: Virtual reality, start-up innovation, intelligent technology, mechanical and unmanned technology, 3D printing, I-world, electronic healthcare products, Household appliances, security products, audio-visual products, brand electronics, packaging and design and telecommunications products are readily available. In 2016, a total of 3,669 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions were brought to the exhibition to refresh their records. China's Fujian Province and Jiangmen, Dongguan and Zhuhai, as well as Taiwan and South Korea have organized the Pavilion exhibition, the lineup is at its peak.

Ying Tuo Exhibition invites you to participate in this exhibition, look forward to working with you to explore the market, reap unlimited business opportunities! More exhibitions please pay attention to the designated exhibition platform of Foreign Trade Bureau-International Exhibition navigation www. ShowGuide. cn or call the extension hotline 400-8855-088 contact customer service.

Market Analysis

Hong Kong's exports to the United States are booming and exports to the European Union continue to grow. Hong Kong's electronic components companies are capable of providing tailor-made products and holistic solutions for well-known companies in the United States, Europe and Japan, such as computer spare parts, wireless RF modules for telecommunications and wafer sets for LCD modules. At the same time, standard components are generally shipped directly to distributors and producers in overseas markets, while some Hong Kong companies also have their own marketing offices and/or representative offices in mainland China and other overseas markets. It is particularly important that Hong Kong is an important trade hub for electronic components in the Asia-Pacific region, and that many products from the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Korea are re-exported through Hong Kong to mainland China and vice versa.

Several multinational component manufacturers have offices in Hong Kong to engage in sales, distribution and procurement activities in the region. Many Hong Kong companies sell their own branded electronic products, such as Truly, Wei Yi (v-tech), Rights and Wisdom Group (Groupsense), Venturer, GP and ACL. Their sales network covers not only advanced countries, but also throughout Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. According to statistics of the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department of China, 2017 1-July, Hong Kong and mainland China imports and exports of goods were $305.18 billion, increasing by 6%. As of July, the mainland of China was Hong Kong's largest trading partner, the first place in Hong Kong's export destinations and source of imports.

Previous review

Exhibition Area: 75,497 sq. ft.

Number of Exhibitors: 3,669 exhibitors, from 28 countries and regions

Number of spectators: 64,763 spectators, from 147 countries and regions

Exhibits range

1, 3D printing, audio-visual products;

2, intellectual property business area, computer and peripheral products, digital imaging products, electronic accessories, electronic game products brand Gallery;

3, electronic health products, household appliances, i-world;

4, automotive electronics and navigation systems, office automation and equipment, personal electronic products;

5, mechanical and unmanned control technology, security products, small quantities of procurement zone;

6, intelligent technology, start-up zone, telecommunications products, testing and certification services.

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