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What Do You Know About The Major Changes In The Chinese Hong Kong Electronics Fair In The Fall Of 2017?

Oct 23, 2017

Recently, the world's largest electronic exhibition-Hong Kong Global Electronics exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center opened the curtain. Hong Kong Electronics Fair as the industry's top exhibition, attracted from more than 130 countries and regions of the brand enterprises gathered, in the exhibition, you can see all kinds of High-tech products competing to present. This collection of the electronics industry's newest, most complete technology products Dynamic exhibition, is the major exhibitors connected to the global business of the best platform. 

In such a show, if you can arrive at the scene in person to see a look, you will find a lot of High-tech has never seen. And if you can't come to the scene, you might as well follow the little ones and count the unexpected changes in the show.

1. Wireless charging market hot, a large number of companies to provide wireless products.

Wireless charging products are generally divided into clip shape, magnetic suction type, contact type. In fact, these years, wireless charging products we have seen a lot, but the use of people are not many, the market is still full of a lot of space for development. 

And in this year's exhibition, small braided existing very many companies are providing wireless products, I believe that in the near future, the use of wireless charging more and more scenes, in the car and even home wireless charging will become mainstream. 

2. VR (virtual reality technology) again set off the boom, experience more perfect

VR (Virtual reality technology), as the most popular digital simulation system, can be used in many life scenarios. In this exhibition, the heat of VR is still high, in many booths can see many people in the queue experience VR technology. 

Today's VR technology compared with the past has a very different experience, many companies to bring the latest to capture the user action of the product, whether it is running, shooting, or jumping, those devices can be very good to capture the user's behavior, and give visual feedback. 

3. The tablet computer set off a new trend, deformation is the real king

Tablet computers have become an indispensable electronic product for most people in their lives. Users in addition to the need for a flat plate to meet the entertainment needs, now they are mobile office performance is also very important, the domestic well-known digital brand cool Rubik's Cube also participated in the exhibition. 

In this exhibition, the cool Rubik's Cube shows you a variety of tablet computers. Each tablet has distinctive features, like the knote of the Rubik's Cube, in addition to its strong entertainment performance, but also has a decent office performance. 

This exhibition of Hong Kong Electronics Show the products are very dazzling, there are many interesting electronic products, as well as advanced technology. Finally in with you revealed that in this year's double 11, cool than Rubik's Cube will have a great deal of preferential activities, we do not forget Oh!

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