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2017 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition

Oct 26, 2017

Basic information:

Exhibition Time: 2017/10/27 to 2017/10/30

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Organizer: HKTDC

Organizer: Guangzhou Lai Yang exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Scope:

In 2016, the exhibition continued to be divided into seven major categories of products in accordance with the product category, arranged as follows:

A, commercial lighting; B, home lighting; C, LED and environmental lighting; D, intelligent lighting and lighting programs; E, detection and verification services; F, trade services and publications; G, famous lamp gallery

More information

2017 Hong Kong Autumn lighting exhibition-----I have 1.3.5 Floor Booth

Introduction of the exhibition

Exhibition Name: Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition

Exhibition Time: October 27, 2017-30th

Venue: 1th Expo Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

Venue name: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

II. Exhibition content

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has a reputation for international experience in organising trade shows over the past few decades.

The TDC's trade show has always been an ideal platform for exhibitors and buyers to explore business opportunities. The world-class exhibitions in this Council bring together buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions, and the exhibition venues are comfortable and convenient, providing the operators with the channel to negotiate trade, exchanging the latest market information and establishing business links.


HKTDC invites you to participate in this exhibition to create a successful road.


Exhibitor Reviews


Egypt is the birthplace of crystal. Asfour Crystal was founded in 1961 in Egypt, is an internationally renowned Crystal products brand, its crystal products include lighting products, tableware and fashion accessories. This is our fifth time to participate in the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition. The autumn lantern show gives us the opportunity to gain global exposure and launch new products. The show also provides us with a good place to meet with existing distributors from around the world and to promote new business. We have established a strong network of distributors in many parts of the world, and this year's goal is to identify new distributors in markets such as Africa, CIS countries and Latin America.

Egyptian Asfour Crystal International Global marketing manager Mahmoud Elgazzar


"BJB was founded in 1867, is a high-quality and excellent service to see the well-known brands of lighting. Today we specialize in producing connectors for LED products, including Asia, Europe and the United States. China and South America and other emerging markets have a large population, led products in these emerging markets have great potential for development. We have participated in the Autumn Lantern show for many years because it is an international exhibition that attracts a lot of customers to visit. For our company, the Autumn Lantern show is one of the most important similar exhibitions in the world, let the buyers know our product line and explain the details of the new products to them. We are very busy in the exhibition, contact many customers interested in the company's products.

President of Germany BJB Gmbh & Co kg/general manager Phillip Heinrich


"citizen has participated in the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition for many years, the main goal is to enhance the acceptability of the market, and to introduce to buyers the advantages of our latest technology. Autumn Lantern Exhibition is one of the most influential lighting exhibitions in Asia, providing us with an important platform to launch new products. We launched the second-generation led vivid series at this year's show, with stronger color saturation and better performance, as well as high-pressure cob, orange cob, BLUE cob and high power SMD for different lighting purposes. Our new products attract the keen interest of international buyers, and we have contacted new buyers from mainland China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and the United States.

General Manager of C (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Japan Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd., subsidiaries) Huang Xuajan


"eglo is one of the largest suppliers of home furnishing lighting products in Europe. Our aim is to provide the mass market with exquisite design, reasonable price lighting. We have been in the Autumn Lantern show for over 10 years because October is the best time to show our customers the latest products of the year. This year we launched 600 new products, attracting a large number of international buyers. For example, our Lamella series is DIY wooden lamps with 38 different shapes and six different colors for customers to choose from. The Autumn lantern Show is a good place to meet buyers from Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and the United States. The exhibition also gives us a good opportunity to see the latest trends and developments in the lighting industry. We will continue the exhibition.

Austrian EGLO Leuchten GmbH market director Erik Heinzle

"lumileds is a global leader in optical engine technology, developing, manufacturing and distributing groundbreaking LED products and automotive lighting products. The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition is one of our major exhibitions this year. We participate in the Autumn Lantern show, the main goal is to enhance brand awareness. This year we show a variety of LED products, such as high-power, medium/low power, CoB, color and matrix platform, as well as special lighting, such as stylist series, horticultural Luxeon Sunplus series and LED portable lighting/flashlights. Autumn Lantern Exhibition is a very professional exhibition, we note that visitors to our booth has increased significantly compared to last year.

Lumileds Holding, Vice president of Asia Sales, Alvin Tse, USA


"True neon is the long-term exhibitors of the Autumn Lantern exhibition." The continued participation of the company is very important, because the autumn lamp show provides us with an effective channel to strengthen our brand image and visibility, and find new customers. We have launched a series of LED lights and led bar lamps at this year's exhibition, which are suitable for commercial and retail projects. Buyers are particularly interested in our ultra-high-volume lamp strings, light strips and flexible neon lights. We met a lot of buyers, including European and American buyers. Several new buyers from mainland China and Hong Kong have expressed interest in ordering our products. The business atmosphere of the exhibition is good.

Hong Kong real Bright Industrial co., Ltd Asian Decorative lamp Vice general manager He Minghui


"Mann Camry" is based on the past successful experience in the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition to promote the use of LED and smart lighting products in daily life at this year's exhibition. For example, our fluorescent wisdom? Blu and Fluorescent wisdom? ZB Intelligent Lighting Program is very suitable for home and commercial applications. Through the smart device or the remote control device we provide, the user can control the lighting switch or brightness, and even set the lighting scene to create the desired atmosphere. We have set up a retail lighting area at the exhibition, like a high-end fashion shop, to demonstrate Mann Camry by example? Richcolour Series LED Lights how to create an inviting atmosphere, attract more customers, while presenting the rich color of the commodity, thus stimulating consumer sentiment. Our booth attracts many customers, including customers from mainland China, France, Germany and Southeast Asia. The customer reacted very warmly. We also take this opportunity to exchange views with our customers and to understand their market needs.


Zhu Cong, general manager of Hong Kong Electric Light Source (Hong Kong) Limited


"We are delighted to hold a ceremony on the first day of the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair to announce strategic cooperation between Qee and Bridgelux." Under the cooperation agreement, Qee's existing and future products will use Bridgelux original LED chip. Qee and Bridgelux work together to provide quality, innovative and customer-centric led working and commercial lighting, the goal is to gain further recognition in the global LED lighting industry. The autumn light Show provides an excellent platform for us to announce this strategic partnership, as the exhibition brings together quality buyers from around the world, and we can take this opportunity to introduce our value-for-money products to different markets.

Zheng Jianzhong, chairman and chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Arts and Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Allocation Booth principle "apply early, Booth good" Division I can assist the application of enterprises to apply for SME international market Development Fund subsidies!

Subsidy conditions: First, the company has the right to import and export

Second, the company will not be able to export more than 45 million dollars last year

Third, the company must have a record of exports in the previous year

The company financial department has no bad records


Buyer Reviews


"bks is based in Vietnam and designs lighting products and systems for different projects, such as hotels, restaurants and villas. We also have a showroom of lighting products for Vietnamese consumers. I visited the autumn light show four years ago and found that the scale of the exhibition was getting bigger and more exhibitors were growing. We handle 30 projects a month. As our business grows, we need more new suppliers. In this year's exhibition, I look for LED chip, led driver, led reflector and new products. I have just bought an LED reflector for a mainland Chinese supplier. I will test the quality and performance of this sample before placing an order.

Sales Director Quách Vǎn Tam, BKS Engineering Co. Ltd, Vietnam


"Ivy is a Taiwanese distributor of far-cane lighting products, and our core business is to provide customized lighting solutions for Taiwan's construction companies, businesses and retailers." We regularly visit the Autumn Lantern show to buy new products. At this year's show, we found two to three potential suppliers from mainland China and Taiwan, offering unique, refined and upscale lighting products, especially for commercial spaces and mansions. We will study their catalogue after the show. We will visit next year, because the Autumn lantern show is a very good exhibition, bringing together many international exhibitors and a wide range of lighting products. We see some new products here, and we can't find them in any other lamp show.

Special Assistant Chu Miying, chairman of Taiwan Chang Rattan Industrial Co., Ltd.


"crompton opened 85 years, is one of India's three general lighting suppliers. We produce and sell all kinds of lighting products for home and office. This is my first visit to the Autumn Lantern show, a large exhibition featuring many new products. I have found two potential suppliers of LED light and light bulbs from mainland China and will follow up after the show. LED lighting products in the Indian market is the mainstream products, according to a leading market research company predicts that by 2020, India has 69% of the lighting business will fall into LED lighting products. With 25% of India's rural areas still without electricity, I think solar lighting will be the next trend.

India Crompton Greaves Consumer electricals Limited Lighting Products purchasing Manager Akshaya Shetty

"JP Inwest provides lighting products and solutions for the construction and retailing industries in Poland. This is our second visit to the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition to find the latest lighting solutions for our customers. With the assistance of the TDC's business matching team, we have finalized three potential suppliers to provide high-shed lights and petrol station lights. We found the lamp box at the show, which may be a cheaper alternative to the lighting panel. We will negotiate with our customers after the exhibition, it is likely to purchase the high shed lamp and lamp box in a small quantity way. The Polish market is fiercely competitive, and the Autumn Lantern show provides us with an excellent venue to find new suppliers and affordable latest lighting solutions that will help us stay competitive.

Poland JP Inwest Sp. z o. O. Chief Executive Officer Jaroslaw Potasznik


"reyteco Lab provides home lighting products and intelligent lighting solutions for retail and online retailers in Russia. Since the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition is the largest exhibition in Asia, I will come to visit every year as far as possible. The exhibition is more international than the same type of exhibition in Asia, where I can find different brands from different countries and regions. At this year's exhibition, I am very pleased to see an increasing number of exhibitors display Intelligent Lighting program. Russia is an emerging market for smart lighting, because local consumers feel smart lighting is convenient. So far, I have found several potential suppliers from mainland China and France to provide home lighting products and intelligent lighting programs, and I will drop orders next month.

Russian Reyteco Lab manager Anton Korolev

"smartray specializes in developing LED lighting programs for agriculture, commerce, residential, industrial and decoration industries in North America. This is my third time to attend the Autumn Lantern show. The sunlight in North America is not enough to support plant growth, so plant lights are full of potential in the North American market. I am very happy to have found a quality plant lamp supplier at the exhibition, will drop the first order to them after the exhibition, the order amount is $100,000. Because of the huge market potential of plant lights, I will be purchasing a plant lamp for the North American market of $1 million a year. I like the autumn light show, because this is the best one I have ever visited. This lighting exhibition is very professional so that I can meet with international exhibitors and look for quality products. Next year I will definitely go to the autumn light show again, looking for new products and new technologies.

Chen Xiaolai, chief executive officer of SmartRay Inc., Canada


"starsline was established in 2002 to design and produce E-claire branded commercial lighting products for offices and retail stores in the GCC countries. As competition intensifies in the commercial lighting industry, I have to visit the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair every year because the suppliers here offer high quality products and competitive prices. At this year's show, I found four to five new suppliers to provide LED bulbs, integrated circuit boards and LCD digital displays. I will order the $100,000 product to these new suppliers after the show. I am also interested in automated lighting systems and will consider purchasing these products.

UAE starsline Electrical Equipments Trading LLC Director Basheer Pychikal

"temple & Webster is an online retailer of high-end and luxury home lighting products, targeting affluent women in Australia. At present we purchase products from the Australian wholesalers. This is the first time I have visited the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition to identify new suppliers. I am very happy to be here because there are a lot of beautiful design, fashionable products and high-end products. I found a black and gold interior lighting design that caters to the tastes of high-end customers. I am also interested in designer series, party lighting and Christmas lighting. This is a good exhibition.

Australian Temple & Webster buyer Cassie Morris ABC