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Direct Hit Hong Kong 2017 Autumn Lighting Exhibition: Filament Lamp, Go To Power Program Trend Of Popular!

Oct 31, 2017



Lighting exhibition, as a corporate image and product excellent display opportunities, by many enterprises highly praised. Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting exhibition, as one of the industry's large-scale professional exhibitions, quite by manufacturers and buyers praise. At this exhibition, 2,670 companies are carrying many "Trump products" debut, many people call "good fun." 

As one of the exhibitors, senior engineer led reporters in the vast sea of people to find the answer. LED lighting experienced the beginning of the rise, and then to flourish, finally developed into a "tasteless food, discard" situation. In the homogenization of the fierce competition, Mao profit and decline in the lighting industry, whether there will be a force of the emergence of the emerging led industry to drive the overall forward? This is a lot of people in the industry continue to think and explore the topic. 

Where will the lighting industry develop after a massive shuffle? In the full streets are "identical" product situation, the industry will appear what new bright spot? Under the pressure of price and cost, what kind of innovation will the enterprise have? The answer to all this is more or less a glimpse at previous exhibitions. And what are some of the highlights of the Hong Kong Autumn Lantern show? What are the trends worth thinking about? 

Is the filament lantern the mainstream of bubble lighting products? 

The discussion of the filament lamp has never ceased from the moment it appeared. When it comes to filament lamps, they generally reflect "high prices", whether they are merchants or consumers. However, with the continuous breakthrough in technology, coupled with the LED filament lamp manufacturing automation rate and production efficiency, LED filament lamp market in the gradual prosperity at the same time, material costs, manufacturing costs and sales costs continue to fall, began to enter the consumer acceptable range. 

With the gradual rise of the filament lamp, many led enterprises have dabbled in the field. According to the senior engineer led observation, led manufacturers in the domestic lighting, hongxin lighting, spectral photoelectric, star Treasure, Guang Mingyuan, Lian Photoelectric, champion lighting, star Gaohong, Asia Pur, etc. have been layout led filament Light subdivision area, and successfully occupied a certain market share. 

In the current Hong Kong autumn lights show, the high engineering led found that many of the booth on the filament lamp products still attract a lot of spectators stop, many enterprises to the senior engineer led feedback, this year's exhibition audience on the filament lamp products of increased concern. Perhaps in the near future, the filament lamp product will become one of the mainstream lighting products. 


To power "will it impact the power market?"


The so-called power supply does not mean that no power is needed, but that it is improved through other special technologies. such as the removal of electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other components, the circuit design and device simplification, in order to reduce the volume, lower costs, improve reliability, prolong life and other purposes. However, the technical route has been the focus of controversy in the industry since its emergence. 

At the current Hong Kong exhibition, the LED-driven enterprise and the packaging companies have collected different views on the trend of "going to power". 

In the power industry, "to power" has been up for several years, but still did not get too dazzling results, mainly because of the power of the solution there is still a lot of limitations. Division Valley Power Marketing director Li Chengbiao said, go to power design at present in a number of technical indicators (lightning surge, high pressure, EMC, etc.) is not well realized, and stability is not very good, in many high quality requirements of Shangzhao, outdoor field is not applicable. 

Birda Xiahongping, vice president of research and Development, expressed support for this view, saying that the current power-supply is also widely used in small and medium power home lighting and some relatively low-end markets. Dark Energy Electronics engineer Baiju to the high engineering led said, "Go to power" scheme and led driver will continue to coexist for a long period of time.

 However, the packaging factory has different views. Zhuo-resistant and energy-saving packaging companies, such as the AC LED module technology is already very mature, and in the manufacturing process of convenience and cost, and other aspects of a greater advantage. The Hong Kong autumn lights Show, Zhuo-resistant and energy-saving has a new AC LED module launch. 

is creative design the future way out? 

At this stage, in the lighting industry, the homogeneity of products is more serious, and the market in the event of consumer-welcomed new products, in the near future will emerge a variety of "cottage products." 

It can also be said that many of the lighting enterprises lack of innovation, and the general use is "doctrine"! This also greatly restricts the development of the industry, in the industry reshuffle period, such enterprises are also "bear the brunt". But also have to say, the industry still exists innovation-oriented enterprises, with their own creative products step by step open the market. 

In the Hong Kong Autumn Lantern show, senior engineer led or found several quite "fresh feeling" products. 

According to the base lighting staff, this product is based on the base lighting and Toyo Industrial joint development of new products, can be used to replace outdoor advertising lightbox. Users only need to make a good creative advertising, and then through the lamp's USB interface transmission, you can use the lamp to put ads out. 

According to Birda introduction, this is a will drive and emergency function "two in one" emergency power supply. This product will be led power, battery and emergency driver for effective "synthesis", in terms of functional stability and overall price competitiveness. The current power industry competition has been quite fierce, the company as a professional emergency power solutions manufacturers, and constantly innovate and let customers are always adhere to the purpose. 

The Hong Kong exhibition, there are "interesting" products have indeed increased a lot, there are wooden table lamps, personalized chandeliers, all kinds of fan lights, etc., these products to Hong Kong's autumn lighting show to add a lot.

No matter how, from the entire lighting industry, Chinese enterprises in the field of LED progress very fast, has mastered the LED field of the middle and lower core technology and markets, the current industry is opening innovative market. As personalized consumption upgrades, any enterprise can not meet the market changes, will eventually be submerged in the "rolling" of the industry ranks.

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