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Delivery Information: 180PCS IP65-IP67 Waterproof UL LED Panel Light Was Sent Out To NY

Nov 13, 2017

An order was placed get through our company website: www.luxsky-light.com 

180PCS IP65-IP67 waterproof UL led panel light,60 Watts  2'x2' led panel light,  72 Watts 2'x4' led panel light, IP66 LED panel light with emergency 1.5 hours, our led panel light with high quality , passed UL & TUV & CE & DLC & RoHS certifications,safe to sale in American and European market. special design waterproof led panel light is very popular with indoor and outdoor led lighting project.

led panel light.jpg

UL waterproof led panel light.jpg

led waterproof panel light.jpg 

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IP65 waterproof led panel light, IP66 waterproof led panel light, IP67 waterproof led panel light,

UL IP40 led panel led light, IP20 UL led panel light with UGR, emergency led panel light with UL approved, 600x600 led panel light, 600x1200 led panel light, 2'x2' led panel light, 2'x4' led panel light, high quality led panel light with UL certification, high quality led panel light with TUV certification, high quality led panel light with CE & RoHS certification

IP67 led light.jpg