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Luxsky Lighting’s Green Lighting 9 Principles

Jun 06, 2017

The luxsky lighting's implementation of the purpose of green lighting


Implementation of green lighting is to save energy, protect the environment, is conducive to improving people's production, work, learning efficiency and quality of life, to protect the physical and mental health lighting.


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1, save energy 

Artificial lighting mainly comes from the conversion of electrical energy into light energy, and most of the energy from fossil fuel combustion. According to the current estimates, the Earth's oil, natural gas and coal can be approved the limited number of years, the world's energy is not optimistic. Saving energy for the preservation of the Earth's resources, to extend its depletion of life, to achieve sustainable development of human society is of great significance.


China's lighting power consumption is about 10% to 12% of the total power generation, in 2005 China's lighting power consumption is about 2474 ~ 2969kWh, than the Three Gorges power plant more than the total power generation, but China's per capita lighting power consumption only 180kWh, at a low level, but the total annual consumption of lighting growth, showing a large amount of electricity, energy conservation tasks difficult.


2, to protect the environment

As the fossil fuel combustion produces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases, resulting in the Earth's ozone damage, the Earth's warming, acid rain and other issues. Of the factors that contribute to the warming of the earth, 50% is formed by carbon dioxide, and about 80% of the carbon dioxide comes from the burning of fossil fuels. According to the US data, each saving 1kWh of electricity, can reduce a lot of air pollutants. It can be seen that saving energy is of great significance to environmental protection.


3, to improve lighting quality 

Saving energy and protecting the environment must be to ensure the quality and quality of the premise, to improve the lighting quality, people-oriented, to create beneficial to improve people's production, work, study efficiency and quality of life to protect the physical and mental health lighting, for this purpose, Light sources, fixtures and electrical accessories as well as sustainable lighting design are essential.


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Lighting energy conservation principles and measures: 

The current international task, in considering and formulating energy policies, regulations and measures, follow the principle is: must ensure that there is sufficient quantity and quality of lighting under the premise of saving lighting as much as possible, this is the energy-saving lighting The only correct principle. Lighting energy-saving is mainly the use of energy efficient lighting products, improve quality, optimize the lighting design and other means to achieve the purpose of benefit.


To save lighting electricity, some developed countries have put forward energy conservation principles and measures. Such as the American Institute of Lighting proposed 12 energy-saving principles of measures, the Japanese lighting will be put forward seven principles, are similar. The nine principles of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) are as follows:


(1) according to the visual work needs, determine the level of lighting;


(2) to obtain the required illumination of energy-efficient lighting design;


(3) in the consideration of color on the basis of the use of high light efficiency light source;


(4) the use of high-efficiency lamps without glare;


(5) the indoor surface with high reflectivity of the material;


(6) the combination of lighting and air conditioning systems;


(7) set the variable device that can turn off the lights or turn off the lights when not needed;


(8) does not produce glare and the difference between the artificial lighting and the comprehensive utilization of natural lighting;


(9) regular cleaning of lighting and indoor surface, the establishment of lights and maintenance system.

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