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Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Advertising And LED

Aug 07, 2018

exhibition basic information:

Exhibition Time: 2018/8/10 to 2018/8/13

Exhibition Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organizer: .....

Undertaking unit:

Exhibition Scope:

"Exhibits range"

Indoor and outdoor inkjet printing equipment and digital printing supplies;

Laser engraving, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, bending machine, etc.

Identification signs, light boxes, light-emitting characters, plates, advertising machines and pop products;

Various display equipment, advertising gifts, mass media technology and equipment;

LED signage, LED display, LED advertising light, LED lighting, LED chip packaging and equipment

More information

"Introduction to the exhibition" Malaysia advertising and LED exhibition is currently Malaysia large-scale, influential, professional and strong exhibition event. has successfully held 27 sessions, and has been Malaysia's joint Ministry of Foreign Trade Development accreditation mark. The Malaysian international advertising and digital printing exhibition covers advertising, advertising production materials, LED, neon and light display, exhibition, as well as screen, trademarks and printing equipment and other types of machinery and equipment, technology and materials and other professional fields, from China, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Exhibitors from Singapore as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia have exhibited advanced products. The audience is mainly from advertising and printing planning, design, production, agency companies and other advertising industry operating units of decision-making and various production enterprises, business enterprises, social groups, government agencies, public places and other advertising printing industry, the relevant departments, the exhibition during a total reception from Malaysia throughout the country, Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East of the professional trade audience of 7640 people, 90% of the exhibits were ordered on site, the same year-on-year increase of 12%. In 2016, I organized more than 30 Chinese exhibitors, 86% of the enterprises have achieved a good exhibition effect, and exhibitors have scheduled the next booth.