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Mini LED Demand Growth Trend, LED Industry Market Is Expected To Gradually Climb

Sep 23, 2019

   Jingdian, yiguang, lunda and other Taiwan LED factory actively attack the Mini LED market, are now entering the small shipment stage;Rongchuang has also signed a patent contract with Cree, a leading American LED manufacturer, to explore new applications.With the terminal product specifications, the industry believes that the demand for Mini LED will be synchronous growth trend, help the LED industry market from the bottom gradually climb.

    Industry analysis, Mini LED application from the second half of last year began to start, 2019 has more and more advanced display into the Mini LED backlight technology, and even display screen gradually into the RGB Mini LED.Because Mini LED can have multiple advantages such as high resolution, high contrast and high color saturation, it is expected that the penetration rate of Mini LED in 2020 will greatly increase, driving the industry back to temperature.Jingdi said its Mini LED has wearable devices, televisions and other customers to try to import, 400 micron Mini LED RGB display package Q3 mass production last year. 

    Lunda is also optimistic about Mini LED business opportunities, the second half of this year launched a number of Mini LED new products, including Mini LED backlight applied in TV, e-sports screen, laptop, car panels and other fields, mass production and reflected in the revenue. 

    Light Mini LED lock car market, the development of Mini LED taillight, in line with human vision required identification, and can be adjusted according to the elasticity of demand play graphics, optimistic about the growth of the car market. 

   Hon hai group LED packaging plant rongchuang also in the Mini LED field, and in mid-july announced the signing of LED patent and trademark licensing contract with the U.S. LED giant Cree, to explore new applications and new markets.