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Natural Light Moves Into Underground Garage Technology Innovation To Share 100 Billion Cake

May 07, 2018

Ventures spend a year investigating the market

Walking on the first floor of the Bauhinia Square in Huangniying, there is nothing strange about the row of lights on the head; into the underground parking garage of the Lifan Research Institute in Beibei District, the lights are shining and bright. Surprisingly, however, these lightsemit pure sunlight, and as long as the sky is not dark, it can be ensured that the room will not consume a single degree of electricity. Where does this "black technology" come from?

After many investigations, the reporter finally learned from the Chongqing Qidi Science and Technology Park that these fluorescent lightscame from its park company, Chongqing Maqin Technology Development Co., Ltd. Its founder, Peng Pinjia, has been dealing with the construction industry and has long been concerned about the light guide system.

She told reporters that the light guide system is already a mature technology abroad. Only a few projects are applied in our country. "Why not become a light guide and become a porter of natural light?" She had the idea of starting a business. With the introduction of the light guide as a new technology for environmental protection in 2010, and the introduction of relevant policies, she left the post for seven years, founded the company, and spent a year investigating the market.

R&D The first optical supplier

According to the statistics released by the Bureau of Statistics, the annual power generation in 2012 was 419.77 billion kilowatt-hours. According to China's electricity consumption, which accounted for about 15% of the power generation, the electricity consumption in 2012 was about 740.67 billion kilowatt-hours, according to 0.8 yuan/kWh. According to calculations, in 2012, China's electricity market capacity was approximately 592.53 billion yuan.

But photoconductor technology can replace 30% of the electricity used to calculate, in 2012 it could save 177.76 billion yuan. That is to say, in 2012, the market capacity of China's light guide technology was about 177.76 billion yuan.At that time, the market research Peng Pinjia saw this series of figures and was very excited. She was determined to share a slice of this huge "cake."

The light guide sounds simple. It uses physical principles to reflect sunlight, but it is not easy to achieve high reflectivity. Peng Pinjia cooperated with the team from universities and after many experiments, developed a set of light guide systems with lighting and amplification functions. The light guide uses a special material that allows the natural light to have a reflectance of 98%, meeting most indoor requirements. At the same time, with the LED, the light guide system can be used at night.

As the first photoconductive solution provider in Chongqing, after continuous development, they now have an industry of R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Since entering the market in 2013, they have been successfully installed in multiple buildings.

Rewards more than 100,000 in electricity bills a year

Without electricity, it can also emit dazzling light, but it can also magnify light. What kind of light guide system is this kind of? The reporter went to the scene to experience.

At the scene, the reporter noticed that the light guide system of Chongqing Malang Technology can be divided into two parts on the ground and underground, and the lighting equipment (light collector) is on the ground, such as the size of floor tiles, laid flat on the square, with two layers of bulletproof on it. Covered with glass, it can hold 300 kilograms. A light-conducting portion (light guide) is attached to the underside of the light collector. It looks like it extends from the ground. It is cylindrical, about half a meter in diameter, and the length may depend on the situation.

The entire device extending from the ground to the bottom is a diffuser. The surface of the device is covered with dense luminous spots. It looks like a "mushroom head" at a distance. The emitted light is softer than the fluorescent lamp, and stands up and looks upwards. The feeling of sunlight in nature. Each light guide system can cover about 20 to 50 square meters of space, so that even the cloudy days can meet the needs of the interior, saving both electricity and environmental protection.

But how much electricity can such a device save? How much can you contribute to environmental protection? Peng Pinjia calculated an account for the reporter. Taking a factory parking lot with 28 sets of equipment installed last year as an example, the data of the parking lot showed that a total of 82,000 kWh of electricity was saved during the whole year, and 1.5 yuan/kWh for industrial power. For the sake of calculation, the factory area saved more than 120,000 yuan. At the same time, according to 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity using 1.22 tons of standard coal, this site uses 100,000 tons less coal. "The installation of a set of equipment costs only a few thousand dollars. It can be used for 20 years without being damaged. It can be calculated in 3 years and the rest 17 years are free."

Promote technological innovations to grabthe market

The light guide system is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. However, it has been difficult to promote in the past few years. Many customers have never heard of natural light. In recent years, many places have begun to build 'green buildings', and the promotion of light guides should be slightly better.Peng Pengjia It is said that in 2017, the market capacity of light guide technology will be about 300 billion yuan, but this market has only developed less than 1% now, only to continue to strengthen promotion and expand into a larger market.

To expand into a larger market, on the one hand, it is necessary to continue to promote the market, so that more people know this technology, so that more buildings use this technology. On the other hand, technology also needs continuous upgrading and innovation to meet more diverse needs.

The reporter learned that Chongqing Malang Technology has developed a more intelligent light guide system. This set of light guide system is equipped with a set of intelligent control system that can automatically control and intelligently fill light. When the solar panel absorbs solar energy to charge the photovoltaic energy, it can avoid overcharging and discharging of the photovoltaic. In addition, it can also provide artificial intelligence LED fill light through the solar photovoltaic panel under the condition of insufficient light according to the light conditions, so that it is truly useless. Once electricity.

Recently, they have obtained a patent for a new generation of light guide systems and are expected to be put into use in the second half of the year. Peng Pinjia said that he hopes this generation of products can expand into a larger market, enable more people to understand light guides, and know the advantages of light guide technology.


Large market prospects need to develop in depth

Natural light has an inexhaustible, clean, pollution-free advantage. According to statistics, the cost of removing air pollution from the use of conventional energy sources is about 10% of the cost of fuel used.

In the long run, the prospect of natural light is very large.Liao Wei, Secretary-General of Curl Creations Factory, told reporters that there are currently not many companies in the country regarding natural light, but due to the use of simple physical reflection of natural light, product homogenization is serious and companies need to Develop in depth. If the light guide system is completely intelligent, it can be intelligently controlled and intelligently maintained, then everyone's acceptance of it will be higher. In addition, in the design, it can also be set according to customer needs, improve selectivity, such as the appearance of the light pipe to increase the pattern.