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Ocean King: LED Market Share Continued To Grow, Special Lighting Market Demand Is Strong

Oct 30, 2019

    Ocean king has revealed its third quarterly report for 2019, handing over a relatively bright report card.

During the reporting period, the company tapped into customer demand and realized revenue of 337 million yuan, up 8.47% year on year, and net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 64.2963 million yuan, up 38.85% year on year.The cumulative revenue in the first three quarters was 887 million yuan, up 10.74 percent year-on-year.The accumulated profit in the first three quarters was 104 million yuan, up 30.23% year-on-year.

    According to LEDinside, ocean king specializes in special lighting, and the company currently has more than 200 kinds of special environmental lighting systems.Recently, the company received institutional research, exchange and share with investors about special lighting applications and future markets.

Ocean king said that compared with the general civil and commercial lighting industry, the use environment of the special lighting industry is mainly industrial sites and other specific places.Industrial sites have strong corrosion resistance, anti-vibration effect, waterproof and dustproof, large voltage fluctuation, high temperature and high humidity, lamps and lanterns to work long hours, to keep the lamps and lanterns of brightness stability when using, must from the material selection, design, light distribution design, heat treatment, such as the function of each component combination for consideration, maintain the reliability and energy requirements of lamps and lanterns.

    Ocean king thinks the market for special lighting is promising., for the moment, as the customer update, LED lighting products to replace traditional light source, production techniques and technology innovation, constantly emerging of the new established enterprise, the company will continue to lighting products using this new technique, and combined with other related technologies, such as 4 g / 5 g technology involved in sensing, control, etc.) development of composite products, meet the needs of customers emerge in endlessly.The company believes that, based on the current use of special environment lighting, LED product share and the introduction of more and more complex products, the future special environment lighting market demand has a huge prospect.

In addition, on September 9 this year, ocean king issued a public announcement to announce that it planned to acquire 51% of the stock right of mingzhihui, a "double-armour" company that owns "city and road lighting professional contracting grade I" and "lighting engineering design special grade a" with 270 million yuan, so as to establish the company's competitive advantage in the field of special environmental lighting.

    For this acquisition, ocean king said that Ming zhihui has been deeply engaged in the lighting engineering industry for many years, and has rich experience in lighting engineering management, which can form a better strategic synergy with the company.After the completion of this acquisition, the company can further enhance its comprehensive strength through the industrial experience and engineering construction advantages accumulated by minghui in the field of lighting engineering.The company can further meet customers' one-stop purchase requirements for lighting products, lighting projects and services, and provide customers with systematic and value-added services based on special environmental lighting products, which is conducive to the company's improvement of customer recognition and the acquisition of more business opportunities through continuous high-quality services.