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One Lake, One Ring, Is Expected Next Year's Day Bright Light Landscape Lighting Project Cost About 242 Million

Sep 12, 2017

Plan effect Diagram 

Highlights the city's characteristics of the "spring Banquet" from the Jinan people are getting closer. Recently, "One Lake, One Ring" landscape lighting project announced the relevant tender results, the project is divided into two pieces, from Beijing, two companies as construction units respectively won the bid. Reporter from the Jinan Literature Brigade Group and construction units to understand that the project duration of 120 days, fast next year before and after New Year's Day can be completed, but also the use of fresh energy, new light source technology, night lighting green environmental protection. 

According to the previous "one Lake, One Ring" landscape lighting project Construction Tender Notice, the Tenderee is the Jinan Literature Brigade Development Group Co., Ltd., the project funds all from the financial investment, of which the cost of about 242 million yuan. The project is divided into two parts, a standard section is the Great Lakes Scenic Area related project, construction cost of about 126 million yuan, by a Beijing company won the bid, the company has undertaken the Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town core area, Nanchang, one of the two sides of the Yangtze River landscape lighting upgrading projects. The second standard section is the city park, the Baotu Park, the five Longtan Park area related project, the construction cost about 116 million yuan, also by a Beijing company to win the bid, the company has undertaken the 13th session of the main venue of the national Games Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Nightscape lighting project. 

According to the project, a bid for the construction unit in Jinan Branch said, although the construction period is only 120 days, but the specific commencement date will be based on the Text Brigade group directives, probably to be completed next New Year's Day. This was confirmed by the Group of Literature Brigade. Earlier, the planning department also disclosed that the project can be completed next year, which means "spring banquet" The results will be seen next year. 

In order to highlight the characteristics of Quancheng, to create the domestic first-class night scene "City business Card", since May 2016, Jinan City focus on urban landscape lighting work, "Spring Banquet" progress has been accelerated, is not only a landscape illumination project, but the system of urban functional positioning and industrial development. Reporter inquiries related to the tender information found that since this year, "one Lake and One Ring" landscape lighting project has been issued at least 7 tenders, purchase notice, in addition to "one Lake and One Ring" landscape lighting construction, supervision works, but also include "Ming Lake Show" Comprehensive water design feasibility study, "One Lake One Ring" peripheral functional industry positioning research, "One Lake a ring" The peripheral concept planning and the urban design of the key lots are invited. 

According to the planning plan, "Spring Banquet" is divided into three parts: Land tour, upstream and "Ming Lake Show". "One lake, One Ring" landscape lighting and "Ming Lake Show" both consider and combine the "Spring Lake River City" of Jinan city and landscape features, highlighting the unique charm of Quancheng, but also attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, the promotion of green environmental protection, demolition of the waste lamps are unified recycling treatment, garbage classification treatment

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