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Research On Special LED Light Source Technology Breaks The Foreign Monopoly

May 13, 2019

Semiconductor lighting is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and easy maintenance. It is an effective way to realize energy saving and emission reduction.China is a global producer, user and exporter of semiconductor lighting products.However, in the field of special LED light source, due to the high technical threshold, the market has been monopolized by foreign companies.

A few days ago, xiong daxi, a researcher from the light health center of suzhou institute of medical technology, Chinese academy of sciences, won the first prize of the technical invention award of Chinese society of optical engineering for the project "technology and application of super power and high optical density multispectral special LED light source" jointly declared by his team and suzhou keyishikai semiconductor co., LTD.

Special LED light source is a kind of LED light source which aims to emit more light energy in a small luminous area. It requires a single module with high electrical power and power density, and its intensity is similar to that of laser.This technology started around 2000 and developed very slowly. At that time, due to the lack of large size vertical structure LED chip in China, and the lack of special packaging technology, heat dissipation technology, optical design and integration technology, domestic companies almost did not produce.Abroad, only osram and America's lanminus, two high-tech start-ups, can provide it.

Since 2009, in order to break through the monopoly of foreign manufacturers in the field of special LED light source, xiong daxi LED the team to focus on the research and development and industrialization of special LED light source, and focused on the research and development, design and manufacturing technology of super power LED light source.

With the efforts of r&d personnel, the research team broke through various obstacles and finally formed the technical route with independent intellectual property rights.

"We have developed a 'quasi-single-chip' packaging technology to solve the problem of special LED light sources requiring larger light surfaces based on vertical structure chips," xiong said.

This technology can not only produce high light output on the same luminous surface, but also can flexibly use small chips to expand the luminous area, thus improving the total light output.

At the same time, the team also studied the substrate material of the high thermal conductivity vertical structure chip, the selection of high thermal conductivity solid crystal material, the thickness control of the solid crystal layer, the baking temperature and time control, and the design of the packaging substrate. Based on the combination of these technologies, the thermal resistance of the 600W module can be as low as 0.10K/W, the world's leading level.

Now, the team is also targeting the emerging LED based light health direction.At present, the research group has developed a number of infrared therapy instruments based on infrared LED chips, including handheld and vertical and horizontal three models that are being processed and adjusted.Special LED with its unique advantages, especially suitable for home elderly health care physiotherapy, wearable light therapy physiotherapy equipment.