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Significance And Value Of The Low Carbon Eco-lighting

Jan 19, 2017

In a name for international low carbon ecological lights art exhibition of real creation activities in the, we experience two a aspects of meaning: first, at least in concept Shang sought a to relative lower of systemic cost and energy solution life and aesthetic of lighting needs; second, with facts proved and guide society, can through implicit, and hospitality, and concise and deep of mood makes light environment, and light culture convey out more of connotation, and without blindly of noise cry, claimed people informer, to declared itself of exists and value.
Low-carbon lighting not only using technical means to improve lighting efficiency, reduce lighting energy consumption is more on ideas you want to suppress all "lighting" impulses. To suppress this impulse, you need light culture is deep understanding and aesthetic improvements.
Urban lighting a lot of it is a kind of colorful and dazzling glare over the city as the day, flood lighting, hooks to run the light cover up all architectural aesthetic significance and cultural symbols of the city submerged in flood disorder under strong light. Urban texture is carved the year keeps the mark of time, and follow it, you can realize a town all skin can feel. Culture must be rooted in the same soil, and closely integrated and the history, culture, life, becoming an integral part of, to provide foreign exchange, have a unique and attractive image.
Integrated above: in both can achieved city night bright of effect, has can meet low carbon ecological of situation Xia, in lighting of light, lamps and the electrical aspects of using and select Shang will combined now skills ring products, as: outdoor lighting light has: small power, environment bright of of LED lamp, it in city lighting in the according to needs evolution out different of style (most with advantage of has: LED Pan light lamp, voted light lamp, wash Wall lamp, flexible light with, water Xia lamp,), second currently most new fourth generation energy-saving environmental light " Electrodeless lamp, low frequency electrodeless lamp ", is the place new light sources are mainly used for high power electrodeless lamp, such as lamps, plant lights, flood lights, tunnel lights, gas station lights such as high brightness, soft light and exposure to a wide range of places. Followed more and more is the most widely used such as metal halide, high pressure sodium lamp and T4,T5,T8 fluorescent tube.