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The Automotive Lighting Market Has Great Potential For Development, And Byd's Headlights Continue To Drive

Oct 08, 2019

   The traffic management bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has released the latest data on vehicles and drivers nationwide in the first half of the year.As of June 2019, China has 340 million motor vehicles and 250 million automobiles.There are 422 million motor vehicle drivers and 380 million motor vehicle drivers.

   As for new energy vehicles, by June 2019, the number of new energy vehicles in China had reached 3.44 million, accounting for 1.37 percent of the total, an increase of 1.45 million, or 72.85 percent, over the same period last year.Among them, pure electric vehicles are still the "mainstream choice" in the field of new energy vehicles, accounting for 81.74% of the total number of new energy vehicles, with 2.81 million owned.

   Although temporarily enter the market sales in 2018-2019 downturn, but can be predicted, as China's economy continues to grow, people constantly improve the income level, consumer demand is still huge potential Chinese cars, in the next few years China is still a huge car consumption market, the demand for auto parts and after-sales service market will be significantly increased, and there exists a huge car lighting market development potential.

   Although the automotive lighting market is huge, an indisputable fact stands out: currently, joint ventures and foreign manufacturers have occupied the majority of the market share in the automotive lighting supply chain in mainland China, from components, modules to lamps, and local manufacturers in mainland China cannot compete with them.But local Chinese companies are working hard to break the monopoly, and byd, which has integrated the entire industry chain from top to bottom, is a leader.

   According to the introduction, byd began to develop and manufacture automotive lighting products in 2003, currently covering a full range of products, including headlights, composite taillights, rearview mirror turn signals, interior lighting and so on.Existing staff more than 2800, there are shenzhen, xi 'an, hengyang three major production base, set design and development and manufacturing in one.

Up to now, byd headlights have developed a total of 409 kinds of headlights and rearview mirrors in 19 types of 43 models, and are widely used in passenger cars, buses, industrial vehicles, rail transit and other fields.

   With the rapid improvement of r&d and production capacity, byd headlights began to enter the market in 2017, expanding from being only used in byd models in the past to more main engine factories.At present, byd headlamp factory has developed exchanges and cooperation with byd auto, tengze auto, Great Wall auto, jinkang, xiaofang, changan new energy auto, changan auchan auto, KTM and other main engine plants, with an annual capacity of 1.2 million to 150 vehicles.

   Just take byd auto as an example. According to the data of rifa, byd's market share of new energy vehicles has increased from 20% in 2018 to about 24% now, showing strong resilience in overall development.In the first half of this year, byd launched the all-new tang EV, the all-new song MAX plug-in hybrid and the all-new yuan EV.New energy vehicles have become the core business of its automotive sector.According to its 2019 semi-annual report, byd achieved revenue and net profit of 62.184 billion yuan and 1.455 billion yuan in the first half of the year, up 14.84 percent and 203.61 percent year-on-year respectively.Among them, the revenue of new energy vehicle business in the first half of the year was about 25.448 billion yuan, up 38.77% year-on-year, accounting for 40.92% of the group's revenue.

   Byd car achieved beautiful performance, byd car lamp factory contribution is self-evident.Not only exterior lights, interior atmosphere lights, reading lights, byd can achieve self-production and self-use.

Song pro touch indoor lights

Tang rearview mirror

   Headlights with strong sense of design are also gradually becoming the feature of new models. For example, the new generation of tang EV adopts through-through taillights and streamlined turn signals to make the finishing point for the body shape.

A new generation of don EV taillights

   In addition, with the emergence of LED cold light source, low power consumption, high life and small size, LED headlights gradually become the mainstream of the automotive lighting market in the early 21st century.In recent years, byd car lamp factory increased the investment in the research and development of car LED light source, have developed a number of fully LED headlights.

   In 2015, the combined headlights of byd dynasty series models gradually adopted LED ribbon day/position structure design.In 2016, byd song combination headlights used LED light source to achieve near-light function, since then, LED headlights have become the standard of byd cars.The company is also actively researching and developing DMD headlights and turn signals combined with projection function, always walking in the forefront of technology in the industry, and contributing to the technical development of domestic vehicle lights.

   Qin PRO integrated headlights

From r & d design, to injection molding and coating packaging, and then to the whole lamp assembly;From halogen lamps to LED headlights;From monochrome to RGB, byd headlights factory takes one step at a time, providing vehicles with a level of appearance, high quality, rich sense of technology headlights products.