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The LED Recessed Spot Light: 1 Head Or 2 Heads With CREE COB 4000K And UL Driver

Jun 06, 2017

A great produyct of led spot lights was be mass production, we are supplied 2500PCS LED Recessed Spot light to our customer of New Zealand; thanks for support and very pleasure to cooperate with you,

LED spot lights parameter:

LED Recessed Spot light, 1 head or 2 heads with CREE COB 4000K and UL driver, 1x25W ; 2x25W, 

If you are interested in this products, please don't hesitant to contact us:

Email: sales@luxsky-led.com

Website: www.luxsky-light.com

Address: C&H Building, Wanda Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Bao'an district, Shenzhen City, China

showing the aging testing pictures as follow:

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