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What Is The LED Landscape Lighting?

Jun 02, 2017

LED landscape lighting is the goal of landscape lighting and landscape coordination, because of architectural characteristics, to achieve a new level of landscaping.

light source

Science needs to be analyzed and understood, landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, art requires deep intuition. Landscape lighting art must be through light and lighting in order to produce vitality.


Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting and color, constitute a dynamic and static light, sound, color landscape, but also shows the landscape garden lighting of the small, sculpture, fashion, embellishment to the natural environment.


With the people's ideology, lifestyle changes, lighting, light, materials, style and design methods have undergone great changes. In the choice of suitable light source, in addition to economic factors, but also from the entire light environmental effects and material texture reliability considerations, but also focus on the natural environment and lighting uniformity. Landscape lighting smart LED light source to get rid of the traditional design.

Light environment

In order to improve visibility and ornamental. LED has been increasingly applied to the signal and logo lighting, traffic lights on the road, the induction lights in the building and outline the outline of the facade lighting, city square, garden, walking street garden lighting multi-color lighting Is the use of ultra-high brightness LED produced after its excellent energy-saving features and very long life, by lighting designers and owners are favored.



1, luminous uniformity is good, the emission angle in 100o, luminous rate of 40 ~ 50Lm / W.


2, the average life of light source 10 million hours, there is no serious phenomenon of light failure, light attenuation 10%, energy consumption 24W.


3, the luminous wavelength should be consistent, light color RGB luminous intensity should be able to continuously change 

Red light: λ = 630nm ~ 650 nm

Yellow: λ = 585nm ~ 593 nm

Green light: λ = 525nm ~ 528 nm

Blue light: λ = 467nm ~ 473 nm


4, and in accordance with the overall environmental requirements of programming control, 

resulting in the overall artistic landscape effect.

Industry characteristics:

At present, in the rapid development of the lighting industry and innovative market environment, lighting applications more and more segments, lighting products innovation day a step, the Chinese lighting industry is in an unprecedented high-speed development period.


Features: full access to LED lighting era;


Feature two: custom lighting fixture urban landscape;


Features three: intelligent control to lead the technology lighting;


Features four: open the landscape lighting lighting visual arts.


LED light-emitting diodes have a soft light color, in the square and garden lighting has a strong artistic effect, it not only to provide comfortable visual conditions, but also through the coordination of all kinds of light color, reflecting the landscape lighting style, increase artistic beauty, Lamp design intent to create a deliberate space landscape, to meet the visual needs of people, aesthetic needs; psychological needs.


As the night scene in the garden light comedy reflects the color of the people produced by the visual experience, showing a different color, artistic appreciation, cultural level. Red is warm, reminiscent of the sun, red flag, fire, people feel warm, warm, warm; yellow is a warm tone, giving a noble, bright, cheerful feeling; green is the main theme of the forest, full of vitality Blue is a very cool color, the formation of elegant, quiet atmosphere, reminiscent of the blue ocean, the blue of the blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, Sky; white is cool colors, it often makes people think of snow and ice, think of the cold, giving elegant, pure, peaceful feeling.

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