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Yiguang LED Application Upgrade Again!Full Spectrum With UV Sterilization To Create Scientific And Technological Animal Husbandry

Nov 27, 2019

    At present, most of the applications of LED technology in agriculture focus on plants. LED lamps combined with hydrotillage technology can not only break through the environmental limit of agriculture, but also optimize the crop quality by adjusting the spectral band. Recently, LED manufacturers have invested in the niche application.

    Taiwan's leading LED packaging plant yiguang, while continuing to cultivate plant technology, has also begun to extend its tentacles to other agricultural applications such as animal husbandry, breeding and fishery, hoping to apply the wavelength adjustment technology of LED full spectrum to poultry, fish and shrimp breeding industry, and create new market opportunities.

   This year, yiguang led a newly established technical team to participate in the ** ji animal husbandry fair for the first time, exhibiting a variety of debut products.Special visit to light booth, an interview with light and UV product HongShengDian career in product marketing manager, as well as the light forward development of photoelectric materials development manager lu 侊 lloyds, delving into how LED technology will bring innovation for animal husbandry.

   Left: photoelectric material development manager lu 侊 overseas;Right: hong shengdian, product marketing manager of yiguang and UV products business department

   Focus on poultry farming, adjust the spectrum to improve the production of eggs and chicken

   "The first market we went into was poultry farming, where we applied the wavelength adjustment concept of plant-like lamps to raising poultry."According to the fao's outlook report, poultry meat will be the main driver of global meat production by 2030, and demand will continue to rise, hong said.Therefore, yiguang put the main force of animal husbandry in broiler and layer breeding market.

Yiguang has introduced its accumulated technical basis in plants into poultry farming. This year, it set up a new team, built a laboratory and cooperated with customers for experiments. It hopes to establish more detailed data and provide a full range of LED solutions.

Yiguang exhibits poultry application LED modules

   Lu lloyds said that the current study has found that poultry for green, red, blue and uv wavelengths are sensitivity.For example, a chicken with white light takes 172 days to reach the egg-laying maturity, but red light can make the chicken earlier and only 168 days to lay eggs, while blue light can extend the maturity to 182 days to lay eggs.

   In addition to increasing the production of eggs, leds of different spectra also help to promote muscle production in broilers.Green light stimulates growth hormone receptors in poultry and promotes the growth of satellite cells, which strengthen muscle fibers and link the nuclei and mitochondria, improving muscle mass and allowing rapid muscle weight gain.

     "The advantage of yi-guang is that we have LED's of different bands and powers, which can provide optimal solutions."Lu 侊 lloyds stressed that other small factory can only supply single spectrum leds, but light can fit the experimental data, in view of the more subtle wavelength changes with different power to provide the corresponding products.

   UV LED sterilization water can also eliminate mosquitoes, yiguang cooperated with national Taiwan university public health professor to create a bucket

   In addition to applications, yiguang also exhibited UV LED UV products at the show, including UV LED modules for egg shell sterilization, UV water purifier and UV mosquito control bucket.

   The uv-control bucket, which made its debut at the animal husbandry fair, is the result of the cooperation between yiguang and professor tsai kun-hsien of the school of public health, national Taiwan university.UV mosquito bucket to make use of mosquitoes like to lay eggs in the dark and calm water characteristics, designed a black appearance, so that mosquitoes lay eggs in the barrel, the internal UVC LED will be launched regularly, the experiment proved that can effectively kill the eggs.And the mosquito lamp USES UVA to carry photocatalyst to produce carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes, and then USES UVC LED to focus on mosquito control, to deal with adults.

   Multiple applications of ultraviolet LED

   When yi guang visited livestock farmers, he found that their working conditions were often disturbed by mosquitoes and that they faced wastewater treatment problems from animal waste, Mr. Hong said.And UV LED sterilization water purification function, just can play a helpful role.

The UV water purifier on display by yiguang can be combined with UV LED modules of different power to purify the flowing water source, which can be used for animal excrement treatment in chicken houses and pig houses, and to purify and sterilize the waste water before removing it to reduce the impact on the environment.

   UV water purification can also be used for aquaculture fisheries, lv lloyds, as is a grouper aquaculture needs to maintain water quality through ChouHuan seawater, if change to use high power UV LED to water purification, can not only reduce energy consumption, more can be low cost.

   In addition, the bacteria on the egg shell often become a food security leak, but washing eggs with water easily destroy the egg's surface film, more affect storage.Through UV LED light can effectively sterilize and maintain the quality of eggs. Yiguang is currently working with a number of egg factories and egg equipment manufacturers to make UV sterilizing lamp device on the egg shelf for consumers' food security.

  Yiguang provides customized solutions to facilitate agricultural science and technology innovation

Yi pointed out that livestock producers observed at other agricultural fairs in the past mostly focused on how to enhance the structural design of lamps, rather than on the impact of light on animals.Therefore, the original intention of yiguang entering animal husbandry is to have a deeper understanding of how the wavelength and power of light affect the growth of animals with its own LED technology expertise, so as to bring more benefits and development opportunities to animal husbandry.